Saturday, 21 May 2011

Update on Absence

Hi everyone,
It certainly has been a while... after all our visitors had left (two weeks of friends visiting is a lot more tiring that I expected) I needed some time to recover. I'm still young yes, but London is stressful and right now my life is very emotional which is something I have to deal with. Nothing major, not to worry. It's just work related and the fact that I lack motivation for pretty much anything doesnt help much either, plus I worry that it might be MS related. So I just wanted to let you know that I'm still here, doing some small projects on the side but nothing major yet to blog about. I only have some pics of the tourist things we visited on London to share. And some recipes that I havent written up yet for the planned linky party. Lots of ideas and so little action. I do apologise.
Please dont go anywhere, I am so pleased to have 122 followers! I will be writing again soon after the biggest mess has cleared (dentist appointments for the next 3 weeks and I am really not a fan so that's an additional emotional strain). I will try to post again soon with pics of something, whether it's the recipes or the outings. Thank you and blog soon!

Monday, 9 May 2011

New Stove!

FINALLY!!! After not having passed our gas safety certificate for several months now, we finally got our new stove! Our old one had so many things wrong with it... The screws holding it in the cupboard had fallen out and for some reason could not be put back in so the oven was actually slowly burning a hole through my kitchen, the seals of the oven were bust, the back heated more than the front, the burners on the stove didnt function properly... The list went on and on... so during our time off, one day was scheduled for some repair work on the flat where all things wrong with it were wear and tear after years and years of not having any maintenance done to it.

So now I dont have to be afraid that the tank of the toilet will fall of every time we flush (the wall had disintegrated and the tank was only being held up by the pipe), the windows were temporarily fixed (the frame ended up in Stephane's hand when he opened it the other day, we will get new ones soon), and the pipes underneath the sink were fixed as well so that the leaking would stop. These are all things I have no idea how to do and definitely things that are impossible to break and are really just from not having been kept up for years.

And then of course the new stove.... so pretty!! Let me show you the hole that was burnt through the wood (we took pictures the minute the old one was removed):

No wonder we didnt pass the gas safety certificate...

But now we have a new stove which is just amazing!!! The oven is now electric but that doesnt matter, I love it! Suddenly I love cooking again now that I actually have a stove that works :)

It goes without saying that the lovely purple Creuset had to be featured in these photos ;)

And some more good news! Now that I have this wonderful new stove, I will be posting a lot of recipes soon, a lot of which I have already photographed and just need writing up :) AND I have just registered for Linky Tools so I might even make a blog hop out of it :) Themed of course as that's what I love but I'll let you know more closer to the date itself.

For now, let's just cook a LOT first, whoohoo!

Sunday, 8 May 2011

London Alternative Bring & Buy Sale

I have to admit, this was a few weeks ago, but I wanted to share this anyway. Especially since that is where I found my new skirt :)

Every few months, the Gothic Meetup Group organises the Alternative Bring & Buy Sale. It is a day where lots of people come together and sell each other old clothes, books, jewellery etc. Some retailers also have a stall and sell their brand new and often unique goods. Entry is usually free (or 50p if you are not a member) and it's just great to meet friends again and to get some really good bargains. :) It's a great way to get really expensive gothic clothing for a lot less than usual.

Remember our trip to Windsor Castle? I was wearing my new skirt that I got at the AB&BS for only £15! It's by Dark Angel and was exactly my colour :) It was also brand-new as sold by one of the retailers there so not even second hand. This was me at Windsor Castle:

It was so cold that day! Anyway, this is the skirt I mentioned. Tiny pic isnt it? So let me take you back to the AB&BS. You must be curious what this looks like. Well, I tried taking a photo of the venue with everyone happily trading away:

This is it! Well, part of it. As much as I could get in the photo while not falling off the ledge I was standing on LOL. It may not look like it, but it's great fun! I bought a brooch, a hat, and a skirt and never passed my £25 budget :) Sadly I have yet to take pics of said hat and brooch but I will someday. The bf was away that day so I had to take a pic of the skirt myself. After many tries I came up with this:

Yes, not my best picture but I wanted to get the swooshy effect :) Plus you can see it better than on that tiny picture above hihi.

So that was my day at the Alternative Bring & Buy Sale a few weeks back. Always great fun and great bargains to be had. Should you ever be in London, check out this website and see if the AB&BS doesnt happen to be on :) You never know what bargains you may find....

Saturday, 7 May 2011

I Have a Button!!!

We have visitors this weekend but as they all wanted to watch the Ultramarines movie (they're all Warhammer geeks LOL) I decided to work on my blog in the meantime to avoid this really quite uninteresting movie. Dont get me wrong, it's not bad, but I've already slept through it twice and didnt need a third time ;)

So I changed my blog a little. Have you noticed? I changed some fonts and actually corrected the description a bit as I forgot to type a few words while happily describing this year's contents. Oops... it seems as though no one noticed though as I'm sure someone in blogland would have mentioned it *wink*

I'm thinking about linking parties and how I might start one. Not sure yet though but just for fun I now have A BUTTON!! Yes, I found some great tutorials and managed to get my very own cool button using a picture of the Mombi dress so it all matches.

The tutorials by Musings of a Housewife are great and so easy, check them out:
CLICK HERE to learn about making a button
CLICK HERE to learn about adding the code bar underneath the button

Super easy and well explained. Now... please grab my button and promote my blog :)

Thanx everyone!! Ah the movie is finished, time to be sociable again. Let's make some tea...

The Little Green Dress

Hi all!
Wow it has been a bit longer than planned... LOL... after the Royal Wedding, I spent another few days vegging out at home doing nothing majorly special after the week's major events of castle visits, the Royal Wedding, and getting some things repaired in our apartment. A well-deserved rest I can assure you :) Then work started again on Tuesday and even though it was only a 4-day week for me, I was exhausted every evening... On Thursday I came home at 7.30pm, quickly reheated some food for dinner and fell asleep on the sofa at about 8 until nearly midnight! After which I moved to the bed and happily continued sleeping... So not a lot of time to create something or even to blog. So now I have a lot of catching up to do :) Let's start with the green dress:

You may remember our visit to Hampton Court Palace where I was wearing this cute little green velvet minidress? In case you dont, here is a picture:

Let me tell you how this dress came to be... I LOVE the movie Practical Magic :) I am sure you have heard about it (and if you havent you must see it, it's so cute!) and Nicole Kidman wears this amazing dress in it. Let me see if I have a picture somewhere... Other than photographing the tv, my only option is to look online for a reference to show you.
This was the original idea. I just loved this dress so much! Actually to be honest this is the first time I notice that the dress actually has a pattern LOL. On TV it just looks like it's plain green usually. Anyway, I found this remnant piece of green velvet in the fabric store for like £7.50 years back and decided to make this. I started (this was about 2 years ago so my skills were not quite so great yet) and the whole thing was a mess... So it went back into the WIP bag and was forgotten for a long time. Until the sewing Christmas of 2009. Yes I had an entire Christmas holiday with only me and my sewing machine, I loved it! I got so much done! Kind of like Mending Week the other day only better :)

I had found a lot of cool ribbon at great prices during a visit in Holland also years back and I came across this cream/gold thick wool ribbon which matched the fabric beautifully. So I tried to salvage what was left of the fabric and the dress and it turned into this little number. I am quite pleased with it actually. Granted, it's not my best creation ever but it's so very comfy which also means something :) In the end it looked nothing like the inspiration picture, but I still love it. Here it is again:
And it's perfect for those few summer days we have here in London :)

So that was the story about the little green dress and how it came to be. I have so many posts lined up in my head, I just need to type them up so hopefully I can bring you many more ideas and share some of my holiday experiences with you. After all, it was a busy week!

Oh yes I nearly forgot: in the not-to-distant future I am starting a Recipe Week. I am trying to sort out linky party stuff so you can participate also but I havent done all the necessary research yet. I will keep you posted though!
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