Sunday, 24 November 2013

Christmassing - Christmas Crafting with the Girls

Hi everyone!
In order to get into the Christmas spirit, my friend organised a girly Christmas crafting day yesterday with lots of baking, eating, movies, and any other craft you can think about. It was so much fun and really got the Christmas mood going (that and the mulled wine of course!) You may think that November is a bit early to have a Christmassing, but if you don't start early you never get stuff done... 

We started off with making various kinds of cookies. My friend had prepared some dough and we were all happily making gingerbread cookies and window cookies. No pics of these because they turned out quite badly really LOL. It was only the first craft of the day, which is kind of like the first pancake right?

But here is one of the progress stage, lovely and messy isn't it?

The second crafty thing went way better. Having pre-baked a ton of gingerbread cookies, we all set out to decorating them. We came up with such cool results!

Some marshmallows and smarties to decorate with, there were other bowls with glitter and things...

We made snowman cookies, something I had never done before. Of course I just had to use the purple glitter so mine was more of a disco snowman, but at least he is melted :)

 I also made a 'before' version, so here you can see the before and after snowman LOL

The traditional Christmas pudding cookie had to be made too, that goes without saying.

I was really pleased with my results :)

The table being even more messy, and the deco bowls are emptying. Maybe it is time for some more mulled wine and lunch? ;) By the way, on the bottom there you can see a Christmas wreath I made from pretzels, it looked great!

After lunch we did some decoupage. Yes the white one on the left is mine, it probably won't make it into the tree, but the heart in the front definitely will! After messing up the first one so badly, I just had to have another go and the heart turned out really well. I've never decoupages before and it much slower than I thought it would be, but I'm happy with the result. 

My favourite thing to make were these little penguins. The box said the age for these was about 5 so that shows my fantastic skills LOL, but these were easy and so cute! Some ladies were making mince meat in the kitchen (mince pies yugh) so I stayed in the other room and made these. Not to worry, it wasn't just me making these, though I was having the best time of it!

I ended up making three in total, this is showing the first two finished. These are so going into my tree this year! And check out my shiny new Christmas hat, I had the bf buy it for me as I ran out of time but he found one in Poundworld and it was just perfect for today. I had to be in the spirit after all :) The apron is the Christmas apron I made last year. 

After all the crafting we had pizza, more cookies, and Christmas movies. The perfect way to start the season to be jolly! Now off to more Christmassy things!

Friday, 1 November 2013

Happy Halloween 2013!

Hi all and Happy Halloween!
I already attended a party last weekend and of course watched something Halloween yesterday so I wanted to share the fun with you :)

Last Saturday we had our annual Halloween party with my Sci-Fi group and it was so much fun! So many cool costumes! (That's me as Sally from NBC)

A better piccie ofme :) Yes I know I've been wearing this dress a few times now but it's my favourite, it's easy to assemble and oh-so-comfy and warm. Plus of course with the matching handbag it's great! hihi
I just loved this photo, it's too funny. That mask was rather simple but soooo scary!

And guess what? I won best costume! The competition was done by voting, everyone got 4 tokens to give to others. I ended up with 28 tokens which was a huge amount! My prize was chocolates, muahahaha, don't mind if I do :)

Back at home I backed this vanilla/chocolate bundt cake for work. It doesnt really look like the video tutorial did but it came out rather creepy looking anyway I think. The bats and the sprinkles on top I got at the Cake & Bake show a few months back. 

Yes it came out purple! I was a little worried the colour would be more blueish but it worked! Alright, it was supposed to be a black/purple swirl but at least the purple is visible... 

The bf bought my this wonderful Halloween bouquet, isn't it great? I love it!

No pumpkins this year, I just havent had the time... But scary movies were watched of course, DIE-ner is a real no-go, I got it at Poundland and the cover looked fine but the movie is AWFUL. Warm Bodies on the other hand is like a Zombie version of Twilight only much better and only on one part so that was quite fun. So it's over again for this year... Hopefully next year I will have some more time to carve etc, maybe I should start planning already? ;)
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