Tuesday, 24 December 2013

Merry Christmas to One and All!

Merry Christmas everyone!

 This year's tree, I'm actually very proud of it this year, so I took some closeup pictures too...

Recognise the penguin there? ;)

We had some bubbly to celebrate of course while we unwrapped the presents...

My sister sent me this yoga egg (still have to find out how to use it) and look at the gigantic box it came in!! Silly Amazon... 

The bf tried his first ever English Christmas pudding and as I hate it, I baked a red velvet cake that looked like a Christmas pudding ;) It was much nicer (sorry to all of those who like Christmas pudding, it's just not my thing) and prettier too! Clearly I ate a liiiitle too much of it, hihi...

It's been a little bit stressy this evening (I so need to take the day off this year), but in the end it all worked out :) I hope you're all having a wonderful time with family, friends and yummy food.

Merry Christmas everyone!!

Monday, 23 December 2013

Christmassing - More Christmas Stockings

Hi everyone!
Yes, this is a backdated post, I waited a whole year with posting this and I actually forgot to blog about it at Christmas time!! I had also planned a giveaway but I guess that will also have to wait until next Christmas then... oops!

Anyway, I made some really cool Christmas stockings last year, and I had so much fun that I made some more just in case. Plus one of my friends saw them and really wanted one as well so I was making more anyway. Let me show you the result of the three more that I made:

This is the one I made for my friend who requested one. She is a very cheerful person so I chose some bright and colourful fabrics for her. 

I chose yellow for the inside which really matched the red and pulled it all together.

I bought this Christmas cupcake fabric especially for the red stocking for my friend, and since I still had some left, I also used it for this one. The green and gold is just so Christmassy! A bit more classic than the red one, but with a fun twist.

I still had the blue lining from the amended stocking so this really made this combination work.

 I liked the green and gold with cupcake combination so much, I made another version of the stocking, this time the other way around.

I used a cream coloured fabric for the lining as it would get too dark otherwise. The polka dots on the ribbon are perfect as the cupcake fabric also had polka dots. This one is a fun stocking with classic Christmas mixed in :) Don't tell her yet, but my best friend in London will be getting this one!

I actually went a little crazy at Joann's and bought a ton of Christmas fabric. But I can't make stockings for the whole world? Especially as it's not my pattern, it's from FabricWorm as link in the original post. But I managed to throw away my advent calendar so the Christmas project for next year is to make a new calendar. Fingers crossed this will actually happen ;)

I gave my friend her stocking and she loved it!

 We had dinner and exchanged gifts, it was great fun!

Look at the very cool present I got, she clearly knows me too well ;)

Saturday, 21 December 2013

Christmassing - Harrods Christmas Display 2013

Hello again, I'm back with the follow up on yesterday's post. 
After Winder Wonderland, I met up with a friend so see the Harrods Christmas windows. This is also something that has turned into somewhat of a tradition and this is the third year I'm doing this. They were a little disappointing this year I thought, but let me share them with you anyway:

Let's visit the Harrods Christmas Express! This year's windows were apparently inspired by the British steam train.

With very shiny staff...

This was my favourite display, very 20s with that hair!

Love the background also

Not as amazing as usual I have to say...

Check out the sign in the back, really gives the train impression :)

It is said that one dress was worth GBP 80K and dripping in Swarovski crystals by Ralph & Russo. I think it's this one but I can;t be sure, no one will tell me!

 But it sure sparkles... 

Lots of tableware in the next carriage...

Gorgeous dress here also

...and another one!

Loved this kimono as well, this would definitely make a splashing entrance.

There were not as many windows this year, only the one side, but the other side still had accessories.

I'm glad I went though, after all, it is tradition! LOL. I really need to put up my tree soon as well I think...

Friday, 20 December 2013

Christmassing - London Winter Wonderland

Hello again!
I am getting so much into the Christmas spirit this year! Must be because I kind of didn't really celebrate Halloween so now I have celebrations to make up for ;) I still had some time leftover so I took the afternoon off to go shopping and visit Winter Wonderland. In the end I didn't actually make it into any shop as I just had too much fun (and it was so much better than many years ago when I had to queue for an hour for some mulled wine, now there was food everywhere!)

I managed to get a pic of the Piccadilly Circus turned into a snowglobe, it's not an area I go to very often . It even has snow inside it!

Arrival at Winter Wonderland, oh the excitement!

It did not disappoint, everywhere I looked were these woodcarvings, so very well made!

 Santa Claus statues too of course

Traditional Lebkuchen hearts, I even found one for the bf (much to his shock as he really doesnt like them, but it's tradition!)

Gee, you think there are enough pubs here?

Traditional carousel too of course, I even managed to get a bit of a artsy picture (or so I think)

They had candied hazelnuts! My favourites! Must have a bag of course... 

Lovely lamps for sale... 

Even the staff were having a good time LOL

I have no idea what these are called but this was a giant sized one! It had a pub inside of course

 Fairy wishing well...

 And there was also a haunted house where I found a new friend hihi. Told ya I needed some more Halloween ;)

There were tons of lollipop shops too

And everything was just so Christmassy :)

So I ate some yummy things and had a blast. Didn't go into any rides sadly enough but maybe next year. I still had to visit the Harrods windows! But let me tell you all about that tomorrow.

Tuesday, 17 December 2013

London SantaCon 2013

Heyhey everyone!
It's the most wonderful time of the year, it's time for SantaCon! Thought of by some as only a piss-up, it's really a lot of fun and plenty of Santas don't spend the day getting drunk. Starting at 11am the day after our Christmas party, it was difficult getting ready but I made it in the end, and on time!

This year I was taking the East Route, a new route for me. The gathering point was at St. Pauls where a Santa band was providing Christmassy music.

We then headed out at around noon and walked along Fleet Street, I think we may have stopped traffic at some point, we were just so many!

If you live in the UK, this will make sense to you. These Santas were handing out free tshirts to random people for Team Nigella. 

We slowly (yes really slowly) made out way towards to British Museum, and I met these crazy Santas who brought their own Christmas music in the shape of an amp hooked onto their phone. When they got a message, it was heard by the whole group! Their costumes were amazing, especially the fireplace was really well made :)

I also met this very cute Snowman, just had to share this one with you!

 More walking led us to the end point before the after party and we all gathered near the BBC building near Oxford Street.

Santa selfie! It's a must of course ;)

This Nun Santa was lovely with her Christmas lights

It was at the BBC building that Witchy Santa flew! I'm not used to such curly hair so sadly my face is a bit hidden, but otherwise this is so very cool :)

On the way to another party I passed lots of police keeping the Santas in line. Some were even taking pictures of and with Santas :)

My Sci-Fri group was also having a Christmas party and as I arrived in style, I was asked to be Santas Little Helper for the Secret Santa present giving. Of course I didn't mind!

Yes, in true Sci-Fi style, our Santa was Gandalf LOL. But I did get a very cool secret Santa: an R2D2 keyring that beeps!

It was near midnight when I finally left this party, I was exhausted... and I would have yoga the next morning. No pics of that though, that would just not be flattering at all! And just to make it a little more Christmassy, my Zumba class was having a Christmas party also where everyone dressed in red and white. Someone did take pics but I haven't seen them yet.
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