Running Tutu - In Detail

Hello again!
I just discovered that I took a LOT of pics of the finished tutu. They were on another card so I only just found them LOL. It's a real shame I only have the one piccie of the me in the outfit but that can't be helped now. The below images show a bit more of a detailed view of the tutu, done with less than 3 meters of tulle! I am still shocked by this... for a really crappy girls tutu you can easily pay £7 here. This only cost me £3 in tulle (I still had ribbon leftover)! I still have a little bit left so I can still add some more if I should need to for some reason.

I used a black ribbon as a base. I did sew two ribbons together as the instructions say. I decided on black for several reasons: I had plenty of it around, this colour combination is great for both Halloween and the MS Society who I will be running for in October.

Close up of the tying of the tulle. It was really easy, although I did manage to ruin 4-5 pieces by pulling the fabric too hard and tearing it. If you want to make this, be warned: don't tug the fabric too hard, it will tear. 

It came out in a really nice mushroomy shape :)

This was a pic I actually took yesterday as I had to detangle the tutu a bit. My jacket was quite long and managed to get caught in the tulle sometimes. But now that it's all straight again, I can easily store it until I need it again.

If you've read yesterday's post about the event, you will see that I also had a beanie. When I ran in October it was so cold and I kept thinking 'if only I had a hat'. So this time I made sure I had one. It was a bit of a last-minute purchase, but I found a pink Puma hat for only £2.50! It had the large symbol on it, but I wanted to embellish it with a large bow anyway so that didn't matter. Making the bows actually took longer than the tutu but it came out quite well I think:

A while ago, they had spools of neon ribbon on sale at Tiger Tiger for only £1 each so I stocked up of course. These come in very handy for bright coloured events like this :) I also have a bow maker which was part of the problem since I'd never used it before. In the end I made a normal bow on it with 2 ribbons and added two ribbons just before tying it up. It's very cheerful :)

I also made some for my hair, and I think this is the only clear piccie of it. Yes this is me goofing around in the queue, the glasses came with my running pack. The hair bows are half of the large one, each having only two large ribbons and a small one. So one was pink and orange with a small green ribbons, the other was blue and green with a small pink ribbon.

And this is the whole look! It was a very cool event :)


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