Running - Race for Life 10K

Hi everyone!

I just finished 10K for the Race for Life in Hyde Park!! And my time was amazing, it was 1:02! Well, my app says 1:04 but it also gives a distance of 10.31K so for the 10K it was 1:02 (I checked). I am so happy!

I finally got to wear my pink Cinderella dress :) I didn't bother with the Cinderella hair I have to admit, as I had to get up at 6.30am and the weather was looking like it could go either way. Bandana was the safest option there. 

I just love this outfit! It came out really well I think 

I even added some ribbons to me shoes!

Running along the Serpentine... The bf spotted me! This skirt thing was great, no one else had one :)

Here I passed my supporters at the halfway mark, just as by a happy accident my playlist just started 'Living on a Prayer' and as I passed the 5K sign I heard 'yeah... we're halfway there...', too funny!

Second time around the Serpentine, slowly but surely heading towards the finish line...

Just after I crossed the finish line, I was delighted!

I couldn't find the bf but after I'd collected my medal and some food and water I suddenly saw him. This is the exact moment I spotted him :)

Showing off my medal, it's a must!

Having some well deserved chocolate/raspberry cupcakes (in pink wrappers of course) with the boys.

Ok ok, just one more pose ;)

The 5K crowd was gathering and I was really in need of a nice cuppa and a sit-down, so we headed home.
I did it!!!

Don't forget, if you want to support Cancer Research UK, you can do so by clicking here


  1. CONGRATULATIONS!! That's an awesome time - and you look fabulous in your Cinderella Dress!! So are you moving up to a half marathon next time?? :)

  2. Congratulations!! Great job on the run and the costume. You look great!

  3. Well done, what a great time. love the costume too.


  4. Oh wow! Congrats! I admire you. I could never do this!
    Thanks so much for linking!


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