Wednesday, 30 July 2014

Scissor Sock Giveaway

Hi everyone! 
After finding the pattern in my stash, making tons (or what feels like tons anyway) for friends, blogging the tutorial, one of you can now be the proud owner of a ready-made scissor sock! There are so many variations on this, you can use any colour you like. I had so much fun making these, I just had to share one with you :)

When I finished this lot I really wanted to keep all of them for myself ;) But really, sharing is caring right? *holds onto them for a bit longer*

Here are some of the ones I made:

 Aren't they adorable? I couldn't even pick a favourite... I have some more but some people they're intended for read this blog so I can't show them yet.

Back to the giveaway. Here is what you can win:  

It's the scissor sock from yesterday's tutorial! Made from cupcake fabric in pink and blue, with polka dot detail and glass beads, this beauty can be yours :)

You have several chances to enter the giveaway:
  • follow my blog and leave a comment that you're following (current followers also please leave a comment) - MANDATORY
  • tell me who you would make a scissor sock for and why
  • share the giveaway on either facebook/twitter/pinterest, and share the link in the comment (1 for each share)
  • share the tutorial on pinterest only and share the link in the comment
  • have a look around my blog and tell me your favourite post and why
That gives you 7 chances to win! The giveaway closes on 8 August at midnight UK time and I'll be announcing the winner on 9 August. Please make sure I have a way of contacting you. I'm getting lots of comment from Google+ users and as I don't use that myself, I'm not able to reply to comments. If you're set up as having your email hidden, please enter the email address with your comment. You can substitute the @ for (a). The giveaway is international so I can send out to anywhere. 
Good luck everyone and thank you for following!


Tuesday, 29 July 2014

Scissor Sock Tutorial

Hi all!
I've had so many request from friends for these scissor socks that I wanted to share the tutorial with you. I've been sick for a while so this tutorial is well over due. This will be my first sewing tutorial so I hope it's clear enough :) Feel free to make you own or for friends or family, but please don't use it for commercial purposes or make them to sell. It is after all not my pattern. So let's get started :)

You need:
2 pieces of fabric with different print
Interfacing (with ironing option on one side only)
1 button 
Cutting mat and ruler
Rotary cutter and scissors
Some sort of circular template (I use a small plate)
Needle and thread

Cut the fabric and the interfacing to a rectangle of 9x12.5 inches (23x32 cm). Decide which fabric you want where, this will influence the next step.

Use your circular template to round one corner. The fabric you want on the top and bottom of your sock will have the top let corner rounded, the fabric for the middle part will have the top right corner rounded. 

Iron the interfacing onto your 'top' fabric, in this case the pink. 
Cut the corner to size if you haven't already (I prefer to iron the interfacing on first before I cut it exactly to size).

Put the right sides together and pin, leaving about a 4 inch gap on the longest side. This will need to fit your hand when turning it inside-out

Don't sew all the way through! Mind the gap.

Cut all three corners like in the picture

And 'fray' the rounded corner. This will help getting the curve into shape properly.

Turn inside-out and press. 
Make sure you get all the corners are square as you can, and the curve as round as you can. Press the fabric in the gap for easy sewing.

Close the gap. This side will be hidden so if the line is not perfect no one will notice.

Press again. 
Place the fabric on your ironing board with your chosen 'top colour' facing up.

Fold the top right-hand corner over to where the curve on the left starts.

Fold the bottom left-hand corner tightly over to the other side.

Fold the remaining corner back onto itself, finishing the sock.

Cut about 7 inches of cord and choose your beads. The length of the cord already incorporates the knot that you will make.

Make a knot on one end of the cord. String both beads onto the cord. Make a second knot at the other end of the cord. Your result should look like this.

Fold the sock open, and hand sew the cord with the beads onto the sock, about an inch above the lowest point into the centre part between the folds.

I normally just loop the thread around it a few times and once or twice through the cord the ensure it stays put. Try to keep the stitches fairly close to each other as you will see these on the back.

Once you have sewn on the cord with the beads, refold the sock.

Using a matching thread, hand stitch the sides of the sock together. Start with the longest side by hiding the knot of your thread on the inside of the fold.

I use an overcast stitch to do this. I like the result it gives as a running stitch would be too hard on this. Sew all the way down until you read the cord.

Do the same for the other side.

Cut 5 inches of ribbon and get your button ready.

Fold the ribbon and sew it onto the middle top part of the sock, about an inch from the top. Sew the button on top of the ribbon, hiding any ribbon ends.

Your finished sock will look like this.

Ready to be used!

I LOVE these, I made a few for friends and I keep getting asked for more! I totally take this as a compliment on my creation skills as well ;) 

Sunday, 27 July 2014

Running - Race for Life 10K

Hi everyone!

I just finished 10K for the Race for Life in Hyde Park!! And my time was amazing, it was 1:02! Well, my app says 1:04 but it also gives a distance of 10.31K so for the 10K it was 1:02 (I checked). I am so happy!

I finally got to wear my pink Cinderella dress :) I didn't bother with the Cinderella hair I have to admit, as I had to get up at 6.30am and the weather was looking like it could go either way. Bandana was the safest option there. 

I just love this outfit! It came out really well I think 

I even added some ribbons to me shoes!

Running along the Serpentine... The bf spotted me! This skirt thing was great, no one else had one :)

Here I passed my supporters at the halfway mark, just as by a happy accident my playlist just started 'Living on a Prayer' and as I passed the 5K sign I heard 'yeah... we're halfway there...', too funny!

Second time around the Serpentine, slowly but surely heading towards the finish line...

Just after I crossed the finish line, I was delighted!

I couldn't find the bf but after I'd collected my medal and some food and water I suddenly saw him. This is the exact moment I spotted him :)

Showing off my medal, it's a must!

Having some well deserved chocolate/raspberry cupcakes (in pink wrappers of course) with the boys.

Ok ok, just one more pose ;)

The 5K crowd was gathering and I was really in need of a nice cuppa and a sit-down, so we headed home.
I did it!!!

Don't forget, if you want to support Cancer Research UK, you can do so by clicking here

Wednesday, 2 July 2014

Monsoon Dress Makeover

Hello everyone!
After all those running posts and with a tutorial on the way (just finalising it at the moment), a little bit more of this wonderful sewing project I did. I got this Monsoon dress from a girl at work and it was rather large and shapeless. Of course that had to be changed!

This is the dress. Cute (not ironed I know!), but a bit baggy in its size 14. But I can see the potential!

First, the sleeves had to go... 

Then I shortened the dress by taking the dress up by the straps. This meant taking off the entire beaded section, recutting it, and sewing it back on. I also took the dress in a bit to fit me (am not a size 14 after all).

Taadaa! Said dress in action at a party :) Yes that is just juice by the way, the cocktails were just too strong!

I am very pleased with this result and even wore this dress to our anniversary dinner. It's very comfortable and with all the purple it actually matches my vintage necklace also! Do you like it?
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