Thursday, 7 May 2015

Owl Remote Control Holder

Hi everyone!
I finally finished a non-running sewing project again :) It's been a while really, with all these races all the time... I had this project saved on my Pinterest account for ages, and for some reason I showed it to a friend from work who was about to leave for another job. Needless to say, she loved it and immediately wanted one. What else to do but make one for her? 

Originally, I linked to the tutorial through a different website showing the owl in the most amazingly cute fabric, but it wasn't the original tutorial. I'm a bit of a stickler when it comes to things like that. In short, to find the original tutorial (albeit with fabrics that are not my personal favourite, click HERE

One thing you have to know is that this girl is serious about pink, so of course the owl had to be as pink as possible. I went through my stash and as it turns out I don't actually own a lot of pink fabric, but I think I found a combination that worked quite well.

I used this Amy Butler fabric that a friend gave me a while back. It had a nice shade of pink to it. I had originally saved this for a dress, which will still be made as I have just found the perfect pattern for it and I still have a ton of fabric leftover :)

I used a heavy quilt cotton with dark pinkish-red roses for the belly and the eye lids, and blue polka dot cotton for the eyes. I had one perfect button for the iris, but alas only one which would have looked a little drunk so I had to make smaller irises.

For the wings I found this lovely flower fabric in my stash which worked really well I though. I stitched the details in the wings that you can't rally see here as I stitched them in white, and hand tacked them onto the belly. The pink polka dot ribbon is not in the original tutorial, but was added to hide the seam of the two fabric pieces meeting. I didn't have enough fabric to to make that out of one piece. It adds a cute detail though! You don't even want to know how long I debated on the colour of that ribbon LOL. The feet were hand stitched on, the tutorial was a little vague on that so I just went with what I thought would be best.

To pull it all together, I added the bow in green and pink. It really completed it as I felt there was something missing otherwise. 

The beak and the feet are of the same fabric also, and for the batting I was completely out so I had to order some more, it was just normal toy stuffing. One final piccie before it goes to its new owner!

I think that smile says it all, she loved it!

I'm so pleased with the way it came out :) Maybe I should make one for us, in purple. LOL, I can't wait to hear what the bf would say about that! 

Monday, 4 May 2015

Running - Electric Run London 2015

Hi again everyone!
It's time for another running post :) Remember the running skirt with lights I posted a few days ago? It was put to good use at the Electric Run last Saturday night. It was so much fun! 

 Compared to last year, it much better organised with much less time waiting around at the start line. The course itself seemed a little short and according to my shiny new Garmin (I finally found one I liked!) it was only just over 3K. So having crossed the finish line, I had to keep going as I was also running for #Run3rd and I couldn't disappoint anyone by running less than the 5K really. Below are some pics of this excellent event, it was so nice to do a race just for fun! No one was going to get a PB with all these really cool things to see and photograph :)

On my way to the run, I met a girl on the tube who was volunteering at the event. As we walked to the gathering point together, she kindly took this photo of me. The bf sadly couldn't make the run so I was very pleased to have at least one pic of the outfit, even if it wasn't dark yet!

I needn't have worried as we weren't even inside yet and there were photo opps already! These inflatable frames were just everywhere...

 The Breast Cancer Care charity also had a photo booth setup where you could have your picture taken. It was great fun! Apparently I was the first solo shoot they had so far, but then again it was still early.

It slowly got darker and I just had to get a photo with their sign as well. I was running the #run3rd 5K at the same time after all!

The BUPA booth was excellent! They would take your picture in a super dark room, and then add lights to it in various shapes. You could choose wings, hearts, or these streaks that made me look like the Flash :) Woosh!!!

I took some selfies of the UV makeup that I'd gotten for Christmas (pre-planning is everything!) and I'd been applying painstakingly at home. A good thing too because the makeup queues were crazy! Then it was time to slowly head towards the starting line. I had registered in the red group so my wave was up first. We were so lucky the rain held off!

I didn't want to make this post too photo-heavy so just click on the photo to get a large version. There was so much going on! They had Candyland which had enormous inflatable sweets like ice-cream cones, cupcakes, and gummibears, and it even had a sweet smell! Then there was an Oceanland with blacklight which made the UV makeup pop, and a rave at the end with glow-in-the-dark performers
This is my favourite pic I think, I took it just after the finish line when my phone still had some battery left. I took a quick selfie and then kept running around the big square (since I was in the first wave it wasn't too busy yet) until my Garmin said I'd actually run 5K.

Not my best time, but then that was not expected anyway. Now I could take some more piccies and enjoy the festivities. As it was still dry and not too cold, I could actually soak up the atmosphere a bit before heading home :)

I got a nice girl to take this photo with my phone (now nearly dead) in the UV area. I just looked the wrong way (the light was on the other side!) so I had to edit it a bit in my trusty app. This pic shows all the effects though, the light-up skirt, the LED hair extensions, the UV makeup, and even my glowing white scarf LOL. It was a great run :)

Electric Runners in action!

I really wanted to get this photo of the Rainbow Road. It took a few tries to get all the colours to be different but it was so worth it! 
When I came home I asked the bf to take a final photo of the outfit with my camera as I wasn't sure if any of them came out. This one must be the clearest one I got the whole night, as most people don't know how to use normal cameras without flash anymore LOL

Then it was finally time to open the box that had arrived earlier that week from #run3rd. I'd signed up for the virtual 5K organised by Sean Astin and had planned to run it much earlier. I'd even signed up for Park Run! The knee didn't really play along though so I took it easy for a month after the half marathon so I did the two events at the same time. As the Electric Run doesn't give out medals this was perfect :) Look at that amazing medal!

This race is great fun each year, it's more of a party really and a nice break from other runs where you have to do well or set a certain time. It's a little pricey but when you see the amount of effort the organisers put in, it's really worth it. It's also another race done for my Running Through 2015 challenge, next one is in 3 weeks. Until then, I have a ton of sewing projects to finish so watch this space!
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