Running Through 2015 - 250K - I did it!

Happy New Year everyone!
It's been a while and much has been achieved in the last 6 months, best of all: I've completed my 2015 running challenge!

This is what this challenge has achieved! Apart from a healthier body, mind, and life, 250K in event distance also gave me bling. Whoohoo! And a lot of event tshirts...

As the challenge is now done, I didn't want to blog about each run separately, so here are the highlights since the Sumo Run in June:

 5K in Hyde Park, was going for 10 but had to stop at 5

Hyde Park 10K, his was a difficult one but met a running buddy and we got each other through

Clapham Common 5K, they had to resend me the medal as they handed out the ones with the wrong date on it (as am doing a challenge, the date had to match of course)

Spitfire 10K, run organised by the RAF Museum. The route wasn't the greatest (it had part of it along the freeway) but the medal and the venue was amazing! And yes, this is a real Spitfire in the background :)

Run to the Beat 10K, much better than expected! Got a voucher as otherwise too expensive, but good fun and a lovely route

Run to H.E.L.L. virtual run on holiday. Did a 6K which felt much longer in that heat... 

Run with the Girls 10K in Hyde Park, all in pink as of course girly, even the medal was pink! 

My first (and only) international run! City Run 5K in the Netherlands. All the other runs started too late, but it was great fun and very flat so had an excellent PB!

 Richmond Riverside 10K, I class this a trail run as there wasn't really a road to speak of. Not bad but I was really struggling. Still finished in under and hour though!

Greenwich Park 5K, there is an enormous hill that is just a killer. So glad I only did 5K here!

Halloween Big Fun Run 5K, the costume stayed intact and it was really foggy to add to the creepy atmosphere :)

 Trick or Treat Run 5K on the same day at the other end of London. That was rushing! Note to self, never do that again... I think I would have enjoyed just one long run more than two short ones with travelling! Costume remained intact for entire day though which is rather amazing :)

 After Adoption 10K where I paced my friend J. Great fun!

Santa Dash 10K, 1700 Santas running, now that's fun!

Reindeer Run 10K, everyone got these antlers (didn't stay on for long) got a PB and didn't even realise it!

Olympic Park 10K, last minute entry and had 2 PBs! The weather was grim but the medal was aamzing :)

Greenwich Park 10K, yes now had to do the hill 3 times... came in just under an hour and it was a struggle. Evil hill! But I did it!!! I finished the challenge!

This is what 250K in official events looks like...

...and this is what it is in medals!

 Had one last run to finish the year off. I now need to get ready for my next challenge: 1000 miles in 1 year! I'll post about that on my page though, and go back to posting crafting stuff here :) Until then, I'll laze a bit more today. Tomorrow the new challenge starts!

Happy New Year!


  1. So much running! You're seriously amazing :) I can barely run around the block haha
    Your post is really inspiring! Good luck for your next challenge!

  2. Wow, that's great! Good Job, Congratulations! and Good Luck for 2016 too!


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