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World Zombie Day 2013 - London

***Contains zombie gore makeup pics so please be careful with children reading this***
Hello again!
Yes am finally posting stuff again! Not entirely making this for Halloween yet, am so unprepared this year... but unlike last year I was actually in London for the annual zombie walk :) It was fab, the weather stayed dry and was actually comfortable and I met up with a lot of fellow zombies who I pretty much only see at this event. The route was about the same as I remembered, I guess last year's change didn't go very well but I can't really comment on that as I wasn't there (still a little gutted). So we all gathered in Marble Arch...

It was a tad busy.... not sure of the numbers but definitely a few hundred...
 We all had instructions of course on how to be a zombie for those who didn't know already
There were a few photographers ;) The paparazzi is big in London hihi And we even had Rick Grimes to keep us all in check! Honestly, this was the ONLY Rick at the entire even…

Big Fun Run for MS Society

Hi all,
It's been a busy few weeks (I seem to be starting off all my posts like that!), I have not actually had time to make a lot of stuff but the things I did make I haven't yet photographed. Yes I really should start doing that ;) There is a reason for all this though. After years and years of being a couch potato, I have started running and doing yoga. The running you may have known about but the yoga thing is new. It's a lot more work that I thought it would be but I'm sticking to it.

A couple of weekends ago I signed up for the Big Fun Run. It's a run of 5K for any charity you want to run for. In my case, I chose the MS Society for the obvious that I actually have MS. I got my tshirt, was fitter than I was for the Race for Life, and I was ready to go. Then, on the day itself (a Sunday morning no less), it was pouring down. I mean really really pouring! The Race for Life saw me running at 30C, and now I get torrential rain? Maybe next time it will be nice weathe…

Recipe - Gluten Free Chocolate Shortbread

Hello again!
Lots of stuffto write post Cake & Bake show :) I got some gluten free flour to bake some things for work as one of the girls can't eat gluten and I had never tried so this was my chance. I used this recipe that I found on Pinterest. I has all the instructions and details and how-to photos so I won't be re-inventing this recipe but simply linking you through there. The original recipe came from a different website and uses chocolate chips instead of the last bit of cocoa. I used the chocolate chips too ;) I used 4 different cookie cutter shapes (I have so many I really need to use them all at least one hihi): I had a butterfly, a heart, a sun, and a flower. I wanted to keep it quite simple as there would be no icing or anything on top so the shape would have to be recognisable. This is the result:

And my colleagues liked them!
So I am quite pleased with the result. My first ever gluten free baking was a hit :)