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I won I won!

Hi again everyone!
I'm on Facebook waaay too much... In fact, the whole point of blogging was to be able to write more than just one sentence about whats going on in my bizarrely whirlwind head (notice how I didnt say 'brain'? LOL). So anyway, there is a sewing group on Facebook called The Sewing Directory which I later discovered is also on blogspot. The girl who runs it, Fiona, is absolutely wonderful and her blog/facebook posts are so much fun to read :) Every now and then she posts a giveaway and I entered one back in June or so and I actually won! I had meant to blog about it earlier but I totally forgot... Until today when my second prize arrived as I won last week's giveaway also! I was so flattered! Such random luck! Check out what I won:

I got this pack of FQs from The Fabric Loft. I havent used them yet as I cant seem to find a project for them, but they're still in the plastic (dont you just love the charming ribbon?) so they're safe for when I know wh…

Halloweening - Tea Towels

Good morning everyone :)

They're painting my office today (well, not technically MY office as we have an open floor workspace but they are painting one of the smaller offices at work) and the smells are awful. So my boss called me and told me to come in later due to the fumes. Yay!! I still have to work from home of course but it does give me just that little bit of extra time to share my newest Halloween creations with you :)

I am slowly starting to decorate my house.I love to call this my 'house' even though it's just a flat in London where you would never hang anything outside on the door or so as it would only be stolen or destroyed. And I dont even have a porch! I have been reading Halloween blogs all evening yesterday (while the bf watched Tron without hearing the sewing machine wirring in the background), and have become new followers of many of them :) I even managed to locate this fantastic Halloween countdown that you can find on the sidebar :) I found a Practi…

Thrift Shopping Saturday

Hi all!

After weeks, no months, of waiting, my local thrift shop chain finally had their £1 week :) They do this every 3 months or so, they have a month-long sale where the first week everything is £4, the next £3, and so on. I usually try the £2 weeks as I always tend to miss the next one, but this time I made it :) Check out what I bought:

This was the first item I found, a sparklt white bolero type jacket. It will go perfectly with the bridesmaid's dress I bought in the same store for only £2. After some pimping of course... Cost of this item: £1.

I havent actually tried this mini dress on yet but I bought it mainly for the fabric as it is too cute :) And for only £1, it doesnt matter if it fits or not!

This is sort of a babydoll top. It's funny how even from charity I buy things from my favourite brand (which is this really cheapo brand from a super cheap shop). I'm not sure if I will keep it the way it is, I might just change the whole thing. Once again, I liked the fabri…

Halloweening - Harry Potter Potion Bottles

OMG I LOOOOVE Halloween! As you can probably see from m blog background, it is my favourite time of year. Of course I also decorate for Christmas, but I just so much prefer the colour scheme of Halloween, and the whole pumpkins and stuff... Last year I went to the USA for some Halloween shopping, it was my pilgrimage to Salem, something I always wanted to do. Little did I know that for all the good Halloween stuff, you need to start shopping in September already! I found this fantastic bowl in a shop there but I only found one... very sad as the bf now doesnt have one. I'll post a picture of it sometime so if anyone sees it... *hope hope*

Finally all my tasks are done: the steampunk dress is finished, the gift exchange parcel has been posted... ok I still need to tidy but I basically now have 6 weeks (nearly) to focus on Halloween. Yay!! I have so many projects saved in my to do list that I have found in the wonderful world of blogging since I started this and to be able to start t…

Zucchini Zucchini

A few weeks ago, one of the girls from work offered me a zucchini from her garden. That sounded amazing of course but I was completely stunned with what I got! Check this out:

It's a 15 inch zucchini!!! It was monstrous!!! I have never seen anything like it (I live in London, homegrown? Whats that? LOL) So needless to say, we ate zucchini for the entire weekend hihi. I went on and found some amazing recipes. The funny thing was that I actually ran out of zucchini before I finished the recipes! Here is what I cooked (of course I tweaked them a bit to make up for the oversized zucchini). Just click on the link below the picture to get to the recipe.

'Not Red Spaghetti sauce'
The bf had to go out especially to buy some sherry for this but it was sooo good! I used German 'Fleischwurst' instead of Italian sausage as I have really no idea where to find that in Tesco... But nevertheless it was sooo yummy!

Rosemary Zucchini Sticks
I ended up freezing these as I m…

Elf Fantasy Fair 2010 - Arcen

Hello again everyone!
It has been a while but I had a busy week and have finally managed to sort out most of the photos and events. It was that time again, the Elf Fantasy Fair was on, and with family this time. The Fair used to be only in Haarzuilens until last year they decided to hold the event in Arcen as well which would attract some border folk too. Lucky for my sister who lives about half an hour's drive from there and can now join me once a year with her kids for a wonderful fantasy event :)

As you can guess, the steampunk dress finally got worn and pictures were made. Personally, I think we attracted that many photographers because the bf looks AMAZING and I just kind of complimented him a little. In hindsight the dress was a tad boring but at least it was comfortable and I had fun. I actually asked one of the people I know via Facebook who is in a steampunk band what he thought and he absolutely hated the fabric, he said it was too shiney. But as it is my frugal year, I ha…