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Halloweening - Halloween Party 2014

Happy Halloween everyone!
It's finally Halloween! I've taken the day off, planned the annual dinner... and got struck down with a cold. Nothing major, but enough to be really annoying and interfering with said prep. Luckily, I've already been to one Halloween party so let me share that with you tonight, and I'll see how much I can get done about dinner and let you know about that tomorrow. Sounds like a plan? I hope it does coz it's the only one I've got ;)

I scared so many people!
This was the annual LOTNA Halloween party, so lots of people brought edibles. The ones in the middle are mine but there were some seriously good things around!
I did have to take a closeup of my muffin tower though ;) The orange ones were banana muffins, the purple ones were lemon. I didn't make labels so I guess some people were surprised LOL
One of the members brought his camera and lights and everything so we could have some good shots taken. I love this one! I think it's quite…

Halloweening - Halloween Zumba Class

Hi everyone!
It's a busy week, and of course am getting a cold... earlier this week I had a Halloween Zumba class with Dreamdancing Zumba. Well, I haven't been in months and tend to turn up for the special events only, but it's always great fun :) This year lots of people were there and they made a great effort so we had all sorts of costumes! I didn't bring my phone to class but left it in the locker room, so I only have some photos taken in said locker room. But at least they show the outfit. It's all about the costume ;)

Taadaa! I actually wore face paint to a Zumba class believe it or not! Luckily it's really good makeup and it didn't run :) 
I love my outfit! I originally wanted some skeleton tights but I couldn't find those. I still had these purple and black stripey ones which worked quite well with this excelletn purple skeleton jersey dress. I also had black leg warmers and purple shoes but they don't show here. (I clearly love my new app fr e…

Halloweening - Samara (The Ring) Costume

Hi all!
It's the best season of the year!! I've been preparing already and even had a few parties so lots of stuff to post about :) First up: this year's costume! 

I wanted something with some real Halloween oopmh that would still be comfortable yet would make an impression. Not much to ask for at all, right? ;)

A few years back, I was working with a girl with gorgeously long black hair. So naturally when she asked me for costume ideas, Samara from The Ring came to mind immediately. Sadly that meant that that idea was out the window for myself. But no longer! I made my very own Samara dress this year, and it looks amazing! I looked everywhere for a nighty that I could alter, but found nothing for a decent price. Luckily, I still had some fabric left which was warm enough for October and cheap enough to be completely 'Ringed' up. 

I didn't take any pictures of the actual construction, but getting the dress the way I wanted it was clearly a little bit messy ;) I made…

Tourist Tuesday - Greenwich & Borough Market

Hi again everyone!
As I was hunting book benches with the big camera, I also took some pics of the scenery of course. The weather was just amazing and the big camera is so much fun sometimes! Plus I normally don't go to Greenwich much or Borough Market with a camera so I had to make the most of it :)

Upon arrival in Greenwich, I finally saw Cutty Sark! The last time I was here it under restoration but now I finally saw it!
Wandering through the park, past the National Maritime Museum
View of what used to be the Palace
I'd never been to this side of the park before, there was so much wildlife...
...and gorgeous flowers
This is where Thor does battle :)
Had to take some artsy pics ;)
Having arrived on the DLR, I took the train back to London Waterloo
Walking along the river, all the way to HMS Belfast, such a London pic with Tower Bridge in the background!
Got some things in the German shop, and walked through Borough Market where they sell all kinds of nice things
Love this pic! It's p…

Running - Big Fun Run 2014 for MS Society

Hi all!
I hope you're having (or had) a wonderful weekend! Mine was super busy and it all started with a run again :) The last run of the year, at least that's what was planned before I found out about Christmas runs LOL, this one was the most important one as it was for the MS Society. 

I arrived in style of course in my orange tutu which was very Halloweeny but also matched the MS Society shirt. There were so many runners supporting the charity, it was great!
There were other great costumes too, this guy made me smile :)
And there was a Stormtrooper who was running with a mini Darth Vader, too cute!
I made it! It's been tricky over the last year having MS and I really want to keep running for as long as I can. I hadn't run in a couple of months but still made good time (4.84km in 29.46 mins. I was all the way at the back and leaving the pack was a little tricky, but all in all am quite pleased)
Lots of people finishing their race...
I caught these guys on my way out, the…

Tourist Tuesday - Books About Town (Riverside)

Hello again!
Of course there was not only 1 trail with books. There were in fact 4 trails with books, but I only managed to do 2 of them. The main reason that the other two trails were really in the city and already I was having to ask people to get up off the bench all the time to take a picture, and some people were nicer about it then others. Having to ask that in the city and explaining the art thing to possible tourists was just too much. At least no one could sit on the eggs! ;)

The second trail I chose was the one on the riverside. This was super handy as the train from Greenwich brought me right there and I had to go past here anyway on my way to my next event. Perfect!

The books on this trail were: War Horse, Shakespeare, Dr. Seuss, Through the Looking Glass, The World's Biggest Flip Book, Discworld, Paddington Bear, Axel Scheffler and Julia Donaldson books, Great Expectations, Clarice Bean, How to Train Your Dragon. The back of Discworld had the Discworld!
Kid sitting on the…

World Zombie Day 2014 - London

Hi everyone!
Am about a week late in posting about this, better late than never! Last weekend it was World Zombie Day, which meant lots of zombie walks around the world. In London, we had our annual walk in aid of St Mungo's hospital. It was great fun as always!

A wonderful photographer called Dave Pearce took this shot of me enjoying a 'hearty' snack (I had props this year!). I just love it!!
I met some friends as well, their outfits were great as usual :) 
We met at a different location this year but it made for some really good shots. I was super late so I only arrived at the health & safety briefing. There were quite a few zombies and the effort they put into their costumes was amazing.
I did get a few shots taken though, happily snacking away... 
A theater group even brought zombified animals!
Strangely scary clown zombie...
Office zombie (feel like this most Monday mornings LOL)
This dude was way creepy...Reminded me of the Saw movies
This guy's makeup was incredible!…