New Stove!

FINALLY!!! After not having passed our gas safety certificate for several months now, we finally got our new stove! Our old one had so many things wrong with it... The screws holding it in the cupboard had fallen out and for some reason could not be put back in so the oven was actually slowly burning a hole through my kitchen, the seals of the oven were bust, the back heated more than the front, the burners on the stove didnt function properly... The list went on and on... so during our time off, one day was scheduled for some repair work on the flat where all things wrong with it were wear and tear after years and years of not having any maintenance done to it.

So now I dont have to be afraid that the tank of the toilet will fall of every time we flush (the wall had disintegrated and the tank was only being held up by the pipe), the windows were temporarily fixed (the frame ended up in Stephane's hand when he opened it the other day, we will get new ones soon), and the pipes underneath the sink were fixed as well so that the leaking would stop. These are all things I have no idea how to do and definitely things that are impossible to break and are really just from not having been kept up for years.

And then of course the new stove.... so pretty!! Let me show you the hole that was burnt through the wood (we took pictures the minute the old one was removed):

No wonder we didnt pass the gas safety certificate...

But now we have a new stove which is just amazing!!! The oven is now electric but that doesnt matter, I love it! Suddenly I love cooking again now that I actually have a stove that works :)

It goes without saying that the lovely purple Creuset had to be featured in these photos ;)

And some more good news! Now that I have this wonderful new stove, I will be posting a lot of recipes soon, a lot of which I have already photographed and just need writing up :) AND I have just registered for Linky Tools so I might even make a blog hop out of it :) Themed of course as that's what I love but I'll let you know more closer to the date itself.

For now, let's just cook a LOT first, whoohoo!


  1. Do you own, or rent? Here, a landlord would have to fix and replace that stuff pronto!

    I know how absolutely fantastic it is to get a new stove when your old one dies slowly like that, and yes, it does set off your Le Creuset VERY nicely!


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