Back Again!

Hi again everyone!
Thank you all for still being there, my absence has been a bit longer than planned... but now with most of the dentist stuff behind me and some (even though minor) new motivation, I hope to be back :) It seems the numbers of followers has actually increased during my time away so thank you thank you thank you for sticking around. I am truely touched :)

It's been a while, but I have now had 6 sessions of three hours at the dentist and it is noticeable. Sadly I cant afford braces but at least it's all healthy now. I still have 10 more one-hour sessions to go but at least then (mid-August) I will be done. Phew! At the moment I am at home on the sofa and have been off work for 2 days due to headaches and sickness, I get all queezy when standing up which cant be healthy... However, after three days of lying in bed and on the sofa, things are looking up and I must go back to work tomorrow. I hope I will survive it!

I was actually going to post a giveaway as a welcome back present to you, but I havent yet gathered everything so this will have to wait. I do, however, have lots to tell you about what I have been doing over the past few weeks. Until I start with that, however, I have lots to catch up on in blogland.

Thanx again everyone for sticking around and I promise you will hear from again soon with events, recipes, and crafty things!

Big hugz for all,


  1. Welcome back, Sweetie! I've missed you and am very glad you are feeling better! I absolutely HATE going to the dentist, so just know how sorry for you I am.

  2. Welcome back and eeeeeeeeks the dentist! I really really really hate the dentist, your story is actually a horror story! LOL Good to hear things are okay now and good luck with going to work.


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