Frugal Spider Top

Hello again :)
I have just finished my first item of clothing for 2012! Granted, it was a project long in the making and really only took about 15 mins, but nonetheless it is now done :)

My friend from work who is moving to the US soon kindly donated some of her clothes to me when clearing out her closet prior to the big move, and one of the things she gave to me was a tight longsleeve back top. Very simple but so comfy! Perfect size also :) But I didnt want to have yet another plain black top. It needed some spice. Enter spider top!

At the last B&B sale where I bought the corsets for the zombie dress, I found a tshirt with a gigantic red spider on it for only £1! I love spiders yes :) Once I got home the tshirt was ok but the location of the spider gave my figure a really strange look, so I cut out the spider and the sign of the back which related to the (what I think is a) band.
Sadly I didnt take a pic of the items but only of the finished product, but you'll get the idea.

It then took me a while to find the right spot on the top for the spider, hence the delay. But then I suddenly found it! I just sewed it on, no WW or anything, and a plain zigzag stitch to keep it all stretchy. I now LOVE my new top, especially for only £1 :) And I'll wear it tomorrow at work (casual day). Am curious what my friend will say about it!

This is the top. I tried many different ways for the spider, but found this the most appealing. Plus it will scare the hell out of my mother! Muahahaha... nah, I wont wear it when I go and visit.

The band's name (I googled). This part is in the same place as on the original top. I should probably listen to some of their music now ;)

I'm thrilled that I actually finished some clothing again, it's been too long! I have sooo many projects planned still and fabric is piling up but I never know where to start. I guess I'll just decide on the spot for most of it then. At the moment I think I will fix the mending bag first and create more later. After all, EFF is coming up again and I need to get started on my dress!

More soon, time for my beauty sleep... Good night everyone,
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  1. I wonder is this could be done with that iron-on fusing stuff... *ponders*

  2. GREAT top! love the spider look!

    Thanks for linking to a Round Tuit!
    Hope you have a fabulous week!
    Jill @ Creating my way to Success

  3. That looks so fab, I love it - and I don't even like spiders!


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