Hat Transformation for Euro 2012

Hi everyone!
I just seems to be getting busier and busier... and strangely enough not with crafting! This whole loving London is backfiring a little bit hihi! Nah just kidding, am exhausted yes but also enjoying myself and that's always good :)

It's that time again, the orange feeling has bubbled up and the football is on. Not that am a great fan, but as you may know I do follow the Dutch matches for the cups. For Queen's Day I asked my best friend to send me over this cute little Dutch hat that I saw in the shop over there online and she was a total sweetheart and actually got it for me and sent it over :) Sadly when it arrived it turned out to be a bit big and in need of some serious restyling and I just didn't have a chance (or a clue on how) to proceed. But then Euro 2012  started and I insisted on wearing the hat for that so on Saturday I got up really early, defrosted my freezer which was also in serious need of doing, and finally worked on the hat. Check it out:

Not the best before/after photo but you get the idea... the hat is really lovely and sparkles a little bit even but was so big! The girl in the picture in the shop had massive curly hair so it fit her really well. I had to add a line of fleece inside to make it a bit smaller. And yes I missed a spot as seen in the pic, please ignore that, it was the best after pic I had. I had bought some ribbons in Dutch colours at the medieval fayre the other day and just sewing them on letting them randomly overlap each other. I think it worked out quite well :)

So we arrived at O'Neills in Soho as I just knew we would not be able to get into De Hems, the only Dutch pub in London, and everyone who can't get into De Hems usually ends up here. I don't think I saw a single Dane in here for the match Holland-Denmark! And yes, even the bf is wearing his orange tshirt, he is just so sweet :)

Brilliant in-pub pic of the hat :) Just before the match started so had some time to show off :) I had originally planned to make a lovely felt flower for it, but then I fell asleep on the sofa and woke up super late with no flower on the hat so had to use what I had which just so happened to be some yoyos I made a while back :) See, having a stash is wonderful!

We're all set for the match!!

And then we lost... I just had to photograph the telly to prove it, we lost 1-0 to Denmark! 100 chances and we managed to miss ALL of them... 

Even the bf was embarrassed and hid under the hat hihi, I just love this picture!

Our next match is on Wednesday against Germany so I really hope we wont get quite so slaughtered, but who knows... I will try to wear my hat again at least.

Thanx Nancy for sending me this lovely hat, I love it!!


  1. I think you dressed it up quite nicely :)

  2. LOVE your hat MJ! So sorry your team lost though - sure you all had a fun outing though!! :)
    Thanks for linking to a Round Tuit!
    Hope you have a fabulous week!
    Jill @ Creating my way to Success

  3. Enjoy London sporting that fabulous chapeau!


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