When Bloggers meet Bloggers

So imagine this, you're taking a large group of sewing girls to the fabric district of west London and while in the shop you randomly meet other bloggers. *squeel!* Cue totally girly reaction and lots of blog and fabric talk. This is what happened when we were in the shops at Goldhawk Road and we met Dibs from Dibs in the Machine and Claire from Sew Incidentally. Of course we swapped blog info immediately and I was just on their blogs and guess what I found? This gorgeous picture of us together: 

We tried about 10 times to get this not blurry which was really quite amusing. I got the piccie from Dibs' website, I hope she doesn't mind me watermarking it. I have become painfully aware that people think everything on the internet is free so am trying to watermark everything... 

It was lovely meeting these girls, and they've signed up to Meetup so we might be seeing more of them soon :) I just love meeting other bloggers, it happens way too rarely. Oh yes, you have to check out the posts they've written about the shopping trip as they actually took pics while shopping also, unlike our group hihi... although I did notice this pic on Claire's blog, hope you dont mind me borrowing this Claire (otherwise please so let me know), it's our group! So cool to have this pic! :)

It was lovely to meet you all and hope to see you again soon!


  1. Hi MJ!
    Hey no problem re: the borrowed picture :)
    Hope we can meet again soon (hopefully the Olympics & Paralympics won't bring the public transport system in London to a standstill LOL!).


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