Cross Stitch WIP - Update

Hi everyone!
It's been two weeks since my last crafty post, oh my... But I've been busy, lots of projects that I'm working on and for the past two weekends I've been really focusing on my cross stitch project. Something I really wanted to continue tonight but I discovered a mistake that might be very annoying. Nothing major, but damage control needs to be done at the moment. 

So far, I've come this far:

 See, most of the moon has been done and I've started the house!

Now that there are so many colours I just kind of pick a colour and go with it so it's not all over the place. I'm out of brown for the tree so need to buy more there. That is also the damage control though, so let's see what happens with that... But other than that I'm quite impressed with my progress :)

Fingers crossed it won't be as bad as I'm currently thinking it is, but I'll keep you posted! Busy wave from London :)


  1. So beautiful. Very excited to see the house come along!


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