Recipe - Star Wars Pancakes

Hi everyone!
It's been forever... so many things have happened that are not necessarily good like my spontaneous MS thing that is going on for about a month now. Luckily I got treatment so now it's slowly getting better, but very slowly. Of course I have a lot of posts waiting, some of which are super outdated now so I might have  to wait a while before posting those. However, I have been busy before all the bad things happened and one thing I made were Star Wars Pancakes :)

When we were in Providence many moons ago (well technically only last October hihi) I finally bought some Star Wars pancakes moulds that I've been wanting for a long time already. With some pancake mix we were sorted so let's see the results! It was so nerdy it was great :)

First one places the moulds on the much requested and finally gotten griddle. Pretty boring so far...

Add pancake mix to moulds, this can be really tricky!

Wait patiently (what's that?) and there it is, the first Stormtrooper pancake! This is going to be great!

Try the same with Yoda... 

And snap alltogether for a great photo opp :)

Taadaa! Breakfast is served :)

They weren't perfect, it being the first try and all, but somehow Darth Vader got a bit burnt which worked out splendidly! They do need a lot of batter so instead of my normal 10+ pancakes I could only make 6. But it was so funny to eat Star Wars pancakes I will definitely try this again. So worth it!

Now that things seem to be looking up, I hope to post more. Typing is still a bit slow but no one is going to notice that when they read my post. Thanx for hanging in there with me!!


  1. These are so cute! I think shape-wise I like the Darth Vader best, and Yoda as well. Great to add strawberries, good combo.
    Get better soon if slowly, keeping my fingers crossed. Together with posting again it's a case of: Everything is looking up!
    Many, many good wishes


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