Ice Cream Apron

Hi everyone!
Oh my, I have such an intense few weeks I don't even know where to start... But the best and biggest news for me personally is that I have FINALLY made something again :) I mean from scratch, with pinning and sewing and hemming and the works. I'm just so glad! 

You might remember that I bought some ice cream quilting fabric last year at one of the shows (if not that is totally fine). I really wanted to make an apron with it but I wanted to make it really sweet with lots of pink and stuff (yes really). I had some pink and white striped fabric but not enough to make some much desired ruffles, so I had to wait for the shop to get it back in stock. And lo' and behold, last Saturday they had it back in stock! So now I really had to sit down and make this apron. And I did! I literally just finished :)

It doesn't have the extremely ruffles I wanted originally so it's a bit less sugary than planned but I'm still very pleased with it. Let me show you:

Do you see why I needed the pink stripes? ;) I would have loved to have more fluffy ruffles but it really works this way also. Plus I have some more aprons in the planning so there is still time...

One of the side pockets. I had some border fabric from the same collection which shows the ice cream in bowls. 

And the other side too of course. For some reason the camera didn't flash here, but you get the idea. 

I really love my new summer apron :) I have about 5 aprons but I'm slowly exchanging them for new ones as they are quite old and I just want a new design. My previous summer apron had flowers. This is much more exciting! Cant wait to do some baking or something in this. Come to think of it, my friend has an ice cream maker... Mmmm, idea? ;) LOL

I had an amazing weekend last week and this Sunday will be a big event but more on the prep for that tomorrow. In the mean time, ice cream anyone?


  1. REALLY CUTE!! Love your apron! ~tina

  2. Very cute and a great print combination!

  3. Love the ruffles (pink, really? I'm surprised) and the pocket out of the icecream cup fabric is genius. A great result. Have much fun baking!

  4. Wow! A great ornament for the cooking process. Sometimes, I am so busy that cooking becomes a complete disaster for me. To somehow cope with this, I use special list of
    Recipes & Ideas for On-Campus Cooking.


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