Running Belt

Hi all!
A little while ago I found this amazing tutorial on how to make an easy running belt HERE. I normally wear a fleece while running (it is London after all) so I can put my keys etc somewhere, but at the Color Run I really didnt want to wear it. It would get way dirty and the forecast was quite good for a change. So I really wanted to make this and see if it would work. I made this just the evening before so it's really not great but it's a decent first attempt.

Of course I only realised after I had done all the fabric shopping (my group went for the annual fabric shopping trip in my area) that I actually needed lycra and not jersey, but jersey was what I had so I used that. It's a fabric I got from a swap once and I still haven't found the perfect project for it, so I thought I could spare a bit for this. I'd never worked with jersey before but there has to be a first time for everything, right?

The print on this is quite cool, except that there is a sort of golden pattern through the other pattern that I just cant seem to get used to... This project is easy though: measure waist, cut fabric to size, insert zip, make tube, bind tube. That's basically it. Easy!

The original blog post used fold over elastic which turned out to be impossible to find in my fabric area, so I used elasticated binding instead. It came in velvet black or white, or non-velvet pink or white. Sadly no purple. But as my outfit was going to be all white anyway, why not stick with white? The top is a bit ruffy though, I think I pulled the jersey too much there.

Here I am wearing it for the first time for the run. It didn't look too bad and the top bit stretched enough to make it less ruffly too. No jingly keys for me, and it fit my tube card also.

Very pleased with this! Just have to make a cuter version next really ;) Although it was covered by the tutu so it wasn't really visible here anyway. If you want to make one too, just go HERE for all the instructions. Happy running!


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