Twin Baby Clothes - Part 1

Hi all!
It is London, it is warm (?), the sun is shining (?), and people are outside!!! OMG, it's the 8th wonder of the world! LOL nah just kidding! It doesnt happen very often that it gets nice and toasty outside so the whole country poors outside for lunch which is really quite amusing to see. Shame I didnt get a pic of today's lunch crowd at work. It was kind of like 'how many people can we squeeze on a tiny patch of grass' hihi. Even the terraced restaurant was booked full at 10am for lunch!

Anyway, enough about the weather. It's an English thing, there is not much else to discuss and the weather pretty much changes every second so just go with it ;) We can always take about the gorgeous lemon bundt cake I currently have in the oven which is filling my flat with a lovely lemony smell :) But more on that when I will share the recipe.

Gee I sound a little over-excited dont I? See, sun is unhealthy, let's all stay indoors ;) Ok ok, enough rambling, let's talk about baby clothes!! As you might have picked up here and there, I'm not a big fan of babies. From a distance yes and maybe sometimes even holding them if they dont cry, but not for myself. For some reason, the people around seem to disagree and I know many people who are expecting. Remember the car pillow? Well, since that present was nearly a year late, I thought I'd better get started on time this time. Hihi, and yes I made it, the presents were ready before the babies were! You see this girl at work is pregnant with twin boys. I havent seen her in a good few weeks now since she is working from home. She is ballooning and travelling 2 hours to work in a London-packed train is no fun even when you're not pregnant! And she has just received these today and I wanted her to be first to see this before blogging about it.

So anyway, I went to blogland and found the coolest ideas! Since I really want to share this properly, I will write three posts each describing the different part of the present. Let's start shall we?

The first thing that popped into my head to make were onesies. I have seen such cute ideas here in blogland and you really put me and my simple little onesies to shame but I still love them! I bought some plane onesies at Primark and added my own appliques. Can you believe that neutral or printed was the same price? Nevertheless I wanted to make my own :) As she will be having twin boys and the onesies came in packs of three, I bought three white ones and three blue ones. Surely 6 onesies can last her for a while? I have no idea... So good the label has an age size here or I would have bought them either waaay too big or way to small (I got the newborn size for 4.5kg I think it was which should be ok and probably fit in a few months).

The first idea that came to mind for a onesie for boys was of course the tie onesie. It is just so cute!!! Strangely enough the bf didnt like it at all, he said it looked too adult. Oh well, I think it's cute. I found the tutorial here, it even had a pattern! I still had some striped fabric left from when I attempted to quilt something for my sister (if only she didnt love her washing machine so much)... This the result:

Arent they cute!!! The tutorial really helped :) They can just go to the office straight away hihi.

I was a little stuck after these. What is boyish? Cupcakes, hearts, and anything pink was out and I couldnt think of anything! After a few days I decided that I wanted a car. It doesnt get any more boyish than a car now does it? All the car templates I found online just werent what I wanted. I wanted something easy that would look good. No, not lazy, I just know my skills sometimes and a onesie is TINY! After a few days, the idea came to me. CLIPART! So I dived into Word and found the perfect car picture :) Et voila, les onesies:

I really tried to get the one on the right to have the dots in the right place for the wheels.
This was exactly the car I was looking for :)

So what to do for the last two? Since each baby would have one onesie with the same applique as the other, just in a different fabric design and colour, I wanted to make two different ones. For a while I was deciding between a turtle and a whale. Having not found a nice whale template, I came across a good one fora turtle. Please dont ask me where I found this as I really dont remember! I just printed it and cut and then forgot to write down the www. Woops, sorry! Actually the same happened with the mushroom applique which I happened to come across by accident and of course will never fnd again. These are the last two onesies:

I think the mushroom one is my favourite :)

In case you're wondering, I did the stitching on purpose. I tried the normal line stitch but found that the fabric frayed too much. I tried the really tight zigzag but that looked overstitched. So I left it a wider zigzag, it gives it an extra homely look I think. Sorry for the picture quality btw, they are a little dark but I dont have Photoshop so I cant make them lighter... Plus the bf wasnt around to take these before I had to give these away.

So that leaves my friend with 6 onesies, pretty much all different:

She told me today that she loved them which I even more love. She wants to take pics after they're born and they wear these. Surely she will be super busy with other things than pictures! Hihi... stay tuned for two more parts of this present!


  1. I LOVE these. They are so cute! Thanks for linking up!

  2. ADORABLE!!! I especially love the little VW beatles. How cute! great job!! Thank you so much for linking up:)

    xoxoxo Hanna

  3. The ties are great, I've been seeing several of them lately. The 'shrooms and turtle are darling, but the yellow "slug bug" is the best!

  4. Babies are not my favourite too (not for myself and not to see or hold them either), but thes onesies are so cute! For some reason babies scare the shit out of me, but I love tiny clothes. I especially love the first ones! Great job.

  5. Really cute! That tutorial is so easy, yeah? I just did the same one. Did you print the clip art right onto iron-on paper or something?

  6. LOVE IT!
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    Thanks for your time. ;-) Have a great weekend

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