What a Wedding!

I spent the entire day watching the Royal Wedding! OMG... what a wonderful wedding. Every girl dreams about this and she was the lucky bride to experience it. Ok granted, the media hype might have been a bit much but everything seemed to be going alright and no major dramas happened which is a success in my book :)

I have googled some images as I really wasnt going to take photos of my tv while I was watching it LOL. I wasnt even supposed to be in London but in the end I was very glad I didnt go anywhere. The weather was a bit tricky so I just stayed at home and as the bf was away I could enjoy (tearfully) watching the wedding without any mocking :)

Google search for Royal Wedding Images

Check out that dress! So pretty! Very classic and appropriate. And yes, it has sleeves because you must have a sleeved wedding dress during a royal wedding. At first sight I thought the bouquet was a bit tiny but it works very well. As for Prince William, he looks dashing as always though red would not have been my pick. I heard about the reasons though so as long as long as he's happy with it that is all that matters :) Check out the crowd at the Mall! London went crazy and it is said that one million people were in town today making their way to Buckingham Palace. Lots of tourists also which is really charming. Waaay too crowded for me though, I stayed on the sofa ;)

Then finally the kiss :) The Dutch and German press was disappointed but I thought it was ok. I've lived here long enough to know that even this might have been too much for the poor Queen hihi. Personal opinion: have you seen the Dutch royal wedding in 2002? No offence to the British royals, but THAT is a kiss!

Of course the cake is also a must: The Royal Wedding cake. It's a fruit cake apparently, and not a bad one at that :)And a McVities Digestive chocolate cake as per Prince William's request. Just FYI, McVities are really nice biscuits (read: cookies) in the UK

Then it's time for the party to start :) Princess Catherine has changed into a gown more fit for dancing and rumour has it that the Queen will go to bed early and leave the partying to the young couple. Prince Harry is said to have arranged a survivor breakfast at 6am tomorrow morning serving traditionally English bacon sandwiches. LOL, sounds like a great party!

I could share so much more but I'm sure most of you have seen it and everything can be found on youtube and all the news channels also.

So even if I didnt decorate my house, cooked anything fancy, dressed up or wore a hat, I still had a great time watching this :) Hopefully I will be able to post some more created items soon as this holiday has turned out to be a lazy one... here goes hoping!

In the meantime: all the best to Will & Kate, hear hear!


  1. I got up at 6AM my time to watch the wedding and obsessed over the replays and such all day. It's addicting, isn't it?!

    Read about my take on the day here ...

    More Than A Mom

  2. I see that you did have a good time at the wedding ... other than missing the bf! I didn't see much of it, but did google all the photos of people and their lovely attire (sometimes a little strange ... especially the hats)!

  3. LOVED the wedding, every minute of it, and thought it was beautiful! I even made a fun but simple tag to remember it by... my own little handmade souvenir of the occasion!.. My daughter came over later, and I watched highlights with her on the news.. Then I watched it AGAIN later! I thought the bride was gorgeous, and William and Henry were handsome as ever. I just KNOW Di was there in spirit, proud as can be!!... Have a great weekend! ~tina

  4. I am glad you liked it! It looked like a great party:)
    A lot of Americans watch it!
    Have a super week end!

  5. I watched the ceremony from here in OZ. Our daughters watched bits too and it was the first wedding they'd seen. I told them it was 'just like Mummy and Daddy's wedding' but I don't think they believed me!!

    Jill @ Creating my way to Success

  6. We watched the wedding highlights over and over as we waited for Doctor Who on the BBC, and it really was just a fairytale affair. It's nice to read the narration of a resident's take on it of course, and again, you have delivered.

  7. Since we got married the day after, I am just getting around to reading alot of the press on the big wedding...I hadn't seen that dress in the last photo, lovely! How are you, MJ?


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