Knitting My First Ever Sock

Heyhey everyone!
How was the first day of the week back at work? Monday's are always interesting, mostly as I always find something I had to finish on Friday but just didn't have the chance... oh well... but let me share my newest project with you. I told you I haven't been sitting still! Just the blogging part of things was on hold... ;)

After all my squares, I got a bit bored and when I went to meet with the craft group for the sock knitting meet (where no one HAS to knit a sock but it's just to give a theme), I decided to actually knit a sock. My first one ever! I had bought some needles a while ago, and armed with my trusty acrylic leftover wool, I started on my sock. With a lot of help of one of the girls there as of course it didn't all go smoothly at once, hihi...

 Once I was all installed with hot chocolate, I got started on my sock. Look, this is my first row!

 One of the other girls was just finishing this very cute knitted bird. Isn't it adorable?!

And this is the sock of the girl who was helping me. Yeah, it will be a long time before I will be able to knit anything as pretty as that!

 But at the end of the evening, I managed to get a little bit done. The stitches are tiny (needle size 2!) so this isn't going to be a very fast project. And knitting with 4 needles is a challenge, mostly in not poking my eye out, but I'll get these in the end. I'll keep you posted anyway!

I've told myself to do something after work every day, so let's hope I can stick to it ;) For now, let's try to continue working on this sock. Have you ever knitted socks? Tips and tricks are more than welcome!


  1. dat staat ook nog op mijn ' wil ik ooit eens doen '-lijstje, sokken breien !

  2. ps: ik weet niet hoe het komt, maar je blog laadt vreselijk traag !


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