Still Crafting and Knitting WIPs

Hi everyone!
OMG it has been forever since I last blogged... I am a little bit behind on my posts and sadly also on some creations... have become a tv-addict the last few weeks now that I'm back to working full-time. I now spend a good 40 mins in transit every day getting to work and as that is not on foot I needed a carry-on craft thingy to do on the tube. So I started knitting. This was weeks ago and somehow because I knit on the tube, I feel that I've done something and the pressure of doing something in the evening is off. That sadly includes blogging or even sewing! I haven't continued my cross stitch past the first block of 90 stitches either so yes, I am really behind. On the positive side though, my knitting is getting better!

Am not quite sure if I've told you this, but when I went back to NL in January, I found my old knitting basket and in it lots of wool remnants from stuff my mother used to knit. In wonderful 80s colours... bright pinks and blues and yellows... so not my colours right now (not a single bit of purple!), and acrylic also but grat for practice. So I took out my tiny children's knitting needles and started knitting squares in the tube. With so many colours, I could make a few ;) It takes me about 2 trips to and from work to finish a square as I'm not a fast knitter yet and also depending on if I can get a seat. So this is what I've done so far:

 Plain squares, no exiting stitches, no patterns of any kind. Just practicing really.

 Starting to experiment with colours and patterns. Still very simple though.

Got the tip from someone on FB to check a video on youtube on how to carry wool to make stripes. Had to be tested. I love the one on the right, they're all blues but somehow it looks like purple :)

 Finally started with stitch patterns also, albeit only squares. Some girls at the knitting group said I should do the top right one in pink and yellow to make a Battenburg cake piece, haha. I love the little square on the bottom, it's bu far my favourite!

As you can see, I have been busy :) I've put all the squares in my storage tubes (ah yes, another post I have to write) and once I have enough, I want to sew them all together for maybe a baby blanket or something. I'll see. For now at least I feel that my time on the tube is productive :) For all those non-UK, the tube is the London Metro system. I will try and share all my other projects with you soon also, but first I have to make my desk more craft friendly and get rid of a ton of paperwork on it...

Have a great Saturday everyone!


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