A Very Olympic Experience

Heyhey again everyone!
Slowly getting the backlog of my posts sorted... Thanx everyone for being so patient by the way :) Months and months ago when the registration for Olympic tickets began, the bf really wanted to go. None of us are very sporty people and hardly ever even watch it on TV (except when Holland is playing in the football of course hihi), so I was quite surprised but ok, it was THE event of the decade if not century in London so I guess we had to go. Luckily I got to pick the event (the bf didnt really care what he saw as long as he was actually AT the Olympics) so I chose artistic gymnastics. That's the acrobatic stuff, not the other one with the ribbon and the ball etc. Hey, I'm not at all sporty so am assuming that some of you are like that too ;) As a backup we chose diving just in case we didn't get the gymnastics ones, but luckily when the confirmation email came we got some gymnastic tickets, whoohoo! We didn't get the diving but that's ok, after all gymnastics was my first choice :)

I was getting a little nervous being sick and all for so long but luckily I got better just in time and we managed to go (carrying water, tissues, throat pastilles etc but I was there!). The day before at work one of my colleagues mentioned that a Dutch guy was in the finals. Really, a Dutch guy in the gymnastics finals? That's never happened before I think (though I could be really wrong of course). I didn't believe him at first but once I googled it and my colleague turned out to be right, I found my bright orange top and off we went.

We're here, we're here! And oh man was it pink... 

Yes, am really here! Clashing muchly with the pink but proud to be of course :) We had quite good seats, so far so good!

Little pre-show explaining the rules etc. 

I took so many pics of everyone arriving but didn't want to swamp this post with them so stuck to my favourites. This is the lineup for the beam, Gabrielle Douglas waving here. She is so amazing!

Alexandra Raisman on the beam. There was a bit of an issue with the score and the whole crowd cheered and bood as appropriate, it was amazing!

And there he is, Epke Zonderland, our Dutch guy in the finals!! *cheers*

I mean really, check out THIS ROUTINE. (only lasts about 2 mins), it was just amazing. At the end we all stood up and and the audience went crazy! Well, you can't really see that as all the atmosphere was in the top rows hihi... Really this guy was brilliant!
***UPDATE*** I have just been told (Thanx Jill!) that this link on the BBC only works for the UK. If you want to see the routine outside the UK, try Googling 'Epke Zonderland London 2012' and something should come up for your country, like this one!

Dutch booth, all in orange of course

And he won GOLD! OMG, I was here for this!! It was so cool! When they played our anthem I was all teared up (much to the amusement of the bf of course)

Another piccie of the winners of the high bar...

It was extremely tricky to take pics of the floor routine but Alexandra Reisman won the gold for that. There was a guy in front of me filming it all on his BB, iPad, and iPhone at the same time! So funny...

This was an amazing event and I am so glad we could join in. The atmosphere was amazing, and the Dutch gold medal was of course the cherry and the icing on the cake :) Really, you must check out the routine on the link above. It was the only Olympic event we could attend but it seemed to have been the perfect one. The athletics was also great but those tickets were like gold dust so I'm extremely pleased with our choice. *happy sigh* 

Oh yes, and last week when I accidentally found the the Olympic shop near the train station, I bought the matching top. I can now say, been there - done that - have the tshirt! *grin* Pics will follow... ;)


  1. How fabulous MJ!! I Love the gymnastics - that's what I myself did for years as a kid and am constantly amazed at how far it has all come on since then! I tried to watch the Dutch routine video - but is says it's only open to UK viewers! Thanks for sharing your photos and your day though - One day I hope to be at an Olympic games (in 8 years time my 2 daughters are going to be competing so hopefully then!!! :))

  2. Oh I have been hoping you would share your experience. Great photos, what memories, I would have loved to have been there.

  3. Wow, how lucky are you! That's fantastic - not only do you get tickets at all but your first priority. Then it turns out to include a Dutch contestant and then he even gets Gold!
    This really was the -perfect- event for you to be at! I guess the bf got kudos for suggesting it?

    I hope the cold is all gone now btw. All the best!


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