Thames Festival 2012

Heyhey everyone!
Wow, can you believe how much I am blogging right now? I figure once I get all the events out the way, I can start the crafting posts again (and meanwhile take pics of projects to share without you noticing too much LOL). 

As mentioned in yesterday's post, once I got back to London I went to the Thames Festival. Always great fun although this year not as great as previous years as some things were missing. But still a great day out :) I wouldn't have know about the Wenlocks if I hadn't seen them there! As it was an amazing day, I got some really good pics too. Not so much of the actual festival but a lot of London. Especially since I, once again, got lost... 

 London's newest addition, The Shard. Very Dark Crystal I have to say... The first time I've seen it that close so nice chance for a piccie. Also the starting point of walking in the wrong direction...

 I managed to walk away from the city rather than towards it (laden with shopping you must know) and ended up at this harbour. Quite cute with lots of boats with flags and stuff.

 Finally have found the way back and spotted this fantastic sundial. Shame about that guy in the background, otherwise this would have been a marvellous pic, but that can't be helped now. At least I'm going in the right direction! Honestly folks, 7 years and still getting lost...

 Crossing Tower Bridge. I just love Tower Bridge, it makes me feel all fuzzy about London :) 

 And I was in luck, the whole day the sign was up and just as I was leaving the area it came down :) So I might not have a pic of the bridge with the Olympic sign, but I definitely have one with the Paralympic sign!

The 'Harry Potter' bridge aka Millennium Bridge. I think Bridget Jones also crosses it at some point in one of the movies. And one day, so will I. But not that day, it was too warm and too crowded. Next time :)

A quick dinner at Herman ze German for a yummy Currywurst. I must go by there more often really :) Next stop was a friend's bday party and then home at last.

And that kind of concludes the weekend :) Sunday was more Wenlocks obviously, lunch, and Parliament Hill which was laden with Londoners enjoying what was probably the last of the sun for this year. It was a good weekend though, and I really needed one of those, no cold and no stress, whoohoo! :)


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