Halloween Quilt - The Final Cut

Hi everyone!
Oh my, how time flies! I've been so busy doing stuff/organising stuff/making stuff that I didn't actually have time to blog about stuff. Not very convenient... Have 2 weeks really gone by already? Well, let's not keep you waiting any longer and show you what I've been doing as of late. 

The main thing I've been trying to do is to continue the Halloween quilt. I must have spent a week or more cutting. It is the part I hate the most, so I wanted everything to be cut first before I start any of the sewing. My previous post about the cutting was only part of it. I am officially done cutting :) Well, at least for the top part of the quilt... 

The large squares at bottom centre (7.5"x6"), the small squares at top centre (4.25"x3.50"), and the borders on each side (6"x3" and 13"x3"). 

Trust me, it was a LOT of cutting... 

It's going to be a double sized quilt with hangover, so let's hope it all fits! Depending on how big is actually ends up being (my projects tend to morph halfway through sometimes) I'll cut the back pieces later. Now for the sewing part... Wish me luck!


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