Happy Halloween Everyone!

Good morning all and Happy Halloween!
First of all, I hope everyone who was affected by Hurricane Sandy is alright. I have been glued to the news for days and it looked really scary on TV so I can only imagine what it was like IRL... 

Secondly, it is Halloween. And for some reason I am not jumping for joy. I've managed to carve zero pumpkins, make zero costumes, write zero blog posts about it, and bake absolutely nothing. I could of course dash into the kitchen now and quickly make something before work but I'm lacking ingredients and awakeness to do so. I guess when I said last year that I didn't want to have a party in 2012 I really meant it! LOL. I'm still sleepy from our trip to Boston and we also had visitors last week which meant I only had a few hours sleep. That plus work equals a very sleepy me. Maybe I'll celebrate next week. I heard in Hoboken they might postpone it, so I think I might just join in. Probably for all the wrong reasons but solidarity can only ever be good right?

Wow this is turning into a very negative post this early in the morning. One should not write blog posts when sleepy and in a hurry. I have to leave in about 20 mins and I still have to get ready! *yawn* Not all is negative though as we have managed to secure tickets to the Fields of Nephilim which has been sold out since April, so that should be good at least. Then maybe a quick horror movie before bed and that will be it for Halloween for me this year. 

Our trip to Boston was great though and I will be sharing photos of it with you, once I've gotten a very loooong sleep. But as it is Halloween, I just had to share this one picture with you which I thought was just brilliant :)

I hope you're having a good Halloween, whether in style or not, and I'll share more later!


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