New Craft - Really Nearly Done

Hi everyone,
Yes I am blogging and crafting again, and enjoying every minute of it! Well, maybe not the last 10 mins when I painstakingly had to undo two rows of knitting because I dropped a stitch, but otherwise yes :) Good thing it was only 12 stitches long! 

I am so close to finishing my shiny new (purple of course) scarf, but as I seem to be dropping stitches, I figured it's better to give it a rest and finish tomorrow. I was going to have it done by the time I meet some of the sewing girls for a fabric shopping trip (I'm now on a budget so will only have a look and maybe buy some polycotton to line some projects) and show it off, but I'm not sure that is going to happen. On the other hand, it's 12 degrees here at the moment during the day so not really much need for a lovely warm scarf. 12 degrees (that's Celsius), that's the same as we had in August! It's crazy... 

Anyway, I took some piccies just to show you my progress. This will be the first ever knitted project that I have actually completed so I'm pretty impressed by that :)

This is how far I was on Wednesday after a few hours at the sewing meet. Not bad so far... but that ball of yarn is still rather large... 

This is how far I got tonight. That ball of yarn is looking mighty small now :) Here you can also see the colour better, it is really a bad colour to photograph. But it doesn't really show you the length yet. Hang on..

This is how far I got so far! Check this out, the end of the scarf is miles away from the ball of yarn :) Well, maybe not miles but you know what I mean ;) 

Fingers crossed I can have it done by tomorrow morning or at least by Tuesday when I have to show it off at the next sewing meet :)


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