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Hi all!
I'm working hard for February's themed month but for some reason this weekend is a bit of a washout and I've been mainly cleaning. So far, I've cleaned the drains, done several loads of laundry, the dishes, AND baked this wonderful peasant bread that I found via Pinterest on this website.

It is amazing!!! I do own a breadmachine, a gift from the bf many years ago, but for some reason the bread is never really yummy, so I wanted to try if I can bake bread without it. I can never get the bread to rise properly and I either over or under knead it. But this bread is a no-knead bread and it is super simple and just so yummy! 

The recipe is for two loaves and uses 1L pyrex bowls for baking. I thought that the two relatively small pyrex bowls I own were way too small, so I used a larger one and also a relatively large glass oven dish. I still divided the dough to make two loaves so no harm done, except that one of the loaves was a lot more flat than it was supposed to be. Oops... oh well, now I know for next time because I will SO make this again very soon!

The flatter bread, so yummy!

And the larger bread, it had more time to rise and the bowl was rounder so it looks better. I haven't cut into it yet, but it smells divine! I'm so proud :)

I was considering posting the original recipe here but have decided against it as the original blog post has very details instructions complete with pictures so best to just head on over there. CLICK HERE for the easiest most amazing bread :) Let me know what you think and if it worked out for you!

UPDATE 01/02/2012:
Hi everyone! I've baked this bread again last night, this time in the right bowls and with enough butter. The bread came out looking exactly like the picture in the original post! :) Using the 1L bowls definitely made a huge difference.

 The bread rose really high this time! I forgot to take a picture of the dough rising, but even that looked like the original post. *huge smile*

I am so proud!


  1. Oh, wow! This looks delicious. I would love for you to come over to my blog hop and share this and other posts there!


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