London SantaCon 2014

Hello again!
As mentioned in my previous post, I went to SantaCon straight after the Nativity Run. Yes, it was that time of year again where everything Christmassy is happening at the same time ;) Originally, I wasn't even sure if I would be able to participate in the run, but once I found out that the SantaCon south route would start about 2 mins away from the starting line, everything was sorted :) So off we went!

Witchy Santa is back!! I brought all my gear to the race and just got ready on site. It's all in the planning :)

This year I actually did the south route. One of my good friends joined me for the race (he was on cheering / photo duty) so we walked the route together with all the Santas afterwards. 

We started off in Clapham Common and walked to Brixton. It was quite a sight seeing all the Santas walking down the street!

Once we'd arrived in Brixton we all gathered in the sun for a break, pictures, a chat, and of course chocolates! I'd brought a banana since I'd just been running and this break was perfect for that!

We even ran into some Santas that we knew!

This was by far my favourite costume of the day. Check out those trousers!! And the helmet with the little hats is so cute too! Definitely the best this year.

From Brixton we took a train (the poor passengers, being invaded by Santae like that!) to Victoria and made our way to our lovely Queen's home: Buckingham Palace. Just had to get a piccie of that ;)

Excellent piccie of my friend Mexican Santa. He got so much press at the Nativity Run it was so funny :) And check out the guys in the background, hahaha...

I was so pleased to have some sun, it was about 3C out there... 

My knee was really starting to hurt at this point so rather than joining the group at the big statue in the back, we sat on the edges and relaxed a bit. Perfect time for a selfie also.

Moving along to Trafalgar Square via the Mall, we gathered at this square just before Traf Sq. I think they wanted to avoid more people climbing the statue there and falling off again. What is it with Santae and wanting to climb statues?

At the square I also saw this Ming Santa, brilliant idea!

Once we left the square there was lots of zig zagging towards Oxford Street. This was the longest walk on SantaCon ever. There were hardly any stops and at this point my knee was killing me. Yes, Witchy Santa was getting grumpy. So we left the group and had a coffee somewhere warm where we could sit down. Unfortunately, this was also where I lost my broom. The broom has been part of the outfit since the beginning (that's since 2008!) so am quite gutted. It was a great broom! 

After the coffee we joined the rest of the Santas at Hyde Park (which was quite far from the coffee really!), met more Santas we knew, and headed home shortly afterwards. It was great fun once again, although maybe next year doing the walk and the run might not be the best plan. But at least we managed to spread Christmas cheer :)


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