Running - CAFOD Nativity Run 2014

Hi everyone!
You didn't think that I would spend that much time detailing a running costume and not actually have a run in it already? LOL. I spent a good few weeks getting everything together for the Christmas Running outfit, and this weekend was its first outing :) It was the Nativity Run 2014 in Clapham Common in aid of COFAD. 

I just love this outfit! I went with the long white wig as I needed that for the SantaCon outfit afterwards. Which also meant that I couldn't use the sparkly hat even if I wanted to. 

I'd been sick for a month so I hadn't actually done much apart from yoga for a good while, so I only did the 5K and not the 10K. Hey, am doing a 10K on the 21st so no need to rush things ;)

Lots of Transformers were there as well (that's my 'gym'), all in style of course!

Some elves arrived also so we had to take an 'Elfie' ;)

One last high-five and off we went!

I had a friend join me for support and he took lots of piccies from the sidelines. Very handy (you can see me waving 'we're over here!) LOL

The course was a big star so it was easy for me friend to take lots of pics from different angles.

And I made it!! The course was actually 5.22km which I've finished in 31mins and 26 secs. After a bit of calculating and checking my split, that meant I did 5K in 30mins and 20 secs. Not bad! I'm still not under 30 mins, but it's getting there. I'm not complaining. There was no medal but I did receive a yummy hot choccie and a mince pie (gave that to a friend, I really don't like them!) and a certificate that I'd finished the race. 

I've raised about £300 last year (really thought it was closer to £500 but that was the first year I think) doing various races. I'm all for running for charity but it's getting very popular and I really hate asking for donations. So this year I'm doing things differently. I set up a Justgiving page which is active for the whole year, for all the races. There is one page, one charity. No fussing about with various pages for various charities. If people want to donate, great! If they don't, that's fine too. It shouldn't be a must so this way it's there and it's open for all to see. I'll include the link just in case HERE.

Just after the run, I had to go to SantaCon, pics of those will follow shortly!

UPDATE 11 Dec 2014:
I've just seen the video of the run on Youtube and it's a really lovely video :) You can see my a few times in the background even so check it out:



  1. Looks like another fun run with another great costume MJ! I llke the idea of mince pie and hot chocolate at the end of the race too!! :)

  2. Great costume and great cause. Thanks for leaving the comment on my blog and glad I discovered yours!


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