All THREE Presents done!

It's my sister's birthday on Monday and due to the extremely busy week I had two weeks ago and my friend D. visiting last week for a few days (while I also had to work so was super busy trying to combine the two) I didnt really have much time to focus on her presents. I am trying to make presents as much as I can and I knew exactly what I was going to make for her :) As she also reads this blog, I cant give away too much, especially as I have only finished them today and they wont reach her until at least Tuesday (always late, me). But I took a couple of sneeky picture to give you an idea.

Present #1, extremely cute idea I found in blogland.
Link will follow of course when I can post the full pictures.

Present #2, one of my previous projects. Of course decorated with my trademark rosette :)
I hope she'll like it!

Present #3, also something I made once or twice before.
But this time in my sister's favourite colours :)

More pics on Tuesday when I know she has received them! (And hopefully they will arrive in one piece or dont break while unwrapping)


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