Girly Clown Costume - Detailed Photos

Today I wore the cardigan (it only took my 2 days to remember this word rather than 'vest' which is actually the Dutch word for it *hastily changes the word in yday's blog*) from yesterday's knit sweater makeover to work and everyone loved it *huge happy smile*. They said it looked very officey :) And it was so comfy and the perfect warmth for our extremely airconditioned office. So it is definitely a hit! Am so pleased!

I had some lovely comments on my pictures of the ClownCon, thank you so much! For most people who know me IRL, this was not the first time they had seem the outfit, and I do hope I didnt post too many pics of myself, or rather of 'Bubbles the Clown' as is my name for this day only ;)
So I thought I'd post some more pictures of the outfit itself, so you can see the actual details etc. I came up with the idea for this outfit while surfing the net for 'girly clowns'. I drew inspiration from one particular website, sadly of which I dont remember the name. I still had some fabrics lying around and the only thing I had to buy were the pompoms. I started off with making the trousers. It's a real shame I cant remember the website, I could show you the original idea! Anyway, I used 'diaper wrap trousers' as my pattern as I had no idea at the time how to make trousers, it was after all 2008. (Diaper wrap trousers are the trousers you wrap around yourself like a diaper and wear to the beach. I have no idea what they're really called). I added some ruffles on the bottom and sewed on pockets on the sides for stuff like cash and Tube Card etc. Of course when the top layer is worn as well, you cant see the detail but at least my stuff is safe. Everything is elasticated so comfy and practical. I embellished with some pompoms and my clown pants were done :) (sorry for the use of GB and US English, I tend to say 'pants' more than 'trousers' but the meaning is quite different here so I try to distinguish the two LOL)

Then I made the top layer of the costume. It's basically a skirt with 4 layers of petticoat in pink and green with a front piece not unlike an apron. The petticoat bits were sewn all at the same time so it is not as poofy as I intended but it turned out for the best as this is more practical. I added a flower on the front (my first ever rosette LOL) and my mother's fun buttons. The pink fabric is kind of like taffeta and has a very delicate star print. I found it somewhere for £1 meter and just had to have it, even though it was pink. I added the pompoms around the stars.

The whole point of all these layers was that I could wear bits of it at a time and didnt have to wear the full costume if the weather was against it. So I also made pockets on the skirt as well with a combination of the two remaining fabrics (which btw I got at the charity shop for about £2 for two huge pieces).

The back shows the crossing straps. These can be fully removed for easy washing and ironing :) How ingenious am I? ;)

At a different charity shop, I found this top for I think £2 or £3. I just added pompoms to the sleeves as the rest would be obscured by the dress anyway.

Yes the second half should have been upright, oops. The collar I made by sewing two round donut-shaped pieces on top of each other (no proper hemming, just a zugzag stitch at the end) creating a tunnel for the elastic. It's comfy and loose and looks great as a finishing touch.

Yes, this also came from the website. I really must find this and give the credit where it belongs... I mean, I had my inout of course but the real idea came from this person whom I can sadly not credit :(
One day, I will buy girly clown shoes also. The pair I want are these, but when I was in the Garment District in Boston, they only had the blue version and they dont sell them at all in the UK. Oh well, one day... in the mean time I will just use my current pink shoes. Oh yes, I totally forgot to photograph the bows! They were on the hanger already while everything else just came out of the wash and I totally forgot to take a photo of the whole outfit with the bows... But as it is, this is the outfit without the bows that go around the neck and in the hair:

Just imagine the bows ;) So yes, I wanted to show you the outfit properly and in detail as I am quite proud of it. I think I made this in two days or so and especially for ClownCon. No wonder I won the prize for 'Cutest Clown' if I say so myself ;) Sadly enough the Fancy Dress Meetup Group that used to organise Clown has now been disbanded but I think a few clowns will want to keep this day going at least. Let's hope so because I really want to wear this again :)

PS: Argh, why is this post dated Sunday while I am writing this on Monday??


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