Good Things and Bad Things

It has been an eventful week to say the least... As you may have noticed, I have only made the jeans since Sunday which is really not a lot for me considering my usual schedule and passion for creating. So I wanted to share my week with you, a week in which both good things and bad things happened.

As seems to be the usual way to go, let's start with the bad things first. Here we go... *takes deep breath* Not only am I currently undergoing some stressful and seriously demotivating moments at work with regard some much needed recognition and all that goes with that (this started at the end of last week and is still ongoing), I have also been diagnosed with MS last Tuesday. Yes really... after months of tests and uncertainty, I finally have a result. Not quite the one I have been hoping for but nonetheless. I am still waiting for a second opinion and stuff but I have been told that it is 98.6% certain.

Normally I wouldnt post about this, but on the other hand this is something that is going on in my life right now and I wanted to share this so that it might make it easier for me to come to terms with. I mean, I didnt expect to have a lifelong illness! So should anyone read this who has advice or experience with this thing, please email me :)

Now, for the good news :) Last weekend I was in the shopping centre and I passed Jessops, a shop dealing in photo equipment, and I saw the cutest camera bag.

Acme Made Antik Pillow Case For Cameras - Wet Purple

 Yes, I thought, I could make this myself but it would only be fabric and not very sturdy. And this one was purple and girly but not too girly. So I decided after having been saving for so long I would allow myself this treat of £14. After standing in line for nearly 20 mins with one person in front of me and four members of staff happily roaming the store without letting me pay, I put it back and left the store. I mean seriously... welcome to the UK and their great customer service... Once I got back home, I went on amazon and checked the same camera bag online. Not only was it £7 but as I still had a £5 voucher, I only spent £2 on it! That is a difference of £12! Yay for frugal! :) Plus as I have just seen, the price has gone up now to nearly £10 instead of £7 so it was a really good deal :)

Then this afternoon I found out that I won a prize via a sewing group on Facebook! I even had the chance to pick my prize :) There was a voucher and lots of books but as the voucher was for a shop that doesnt really do many fabrics I like and the books I wouldnt use at the moment, I chose some mystery fat quarters. Lets see what will arrive :)

I have also found out how to pre-blog and have the post actually on the right day so in future I can pre-blog without making a mess of things. :) Tomorrow I will share a recipe for Dutch applesauce by the way, it is just cooling off so I can take the last few pics.

So, it's been an interesting week... I am soooo looking forward to the weekend (I think the bf agrees since he is currently snoring on the sofa). Thanx all for listening and I promise to have many projects up again soon!


  1. I'm so sorry to hear about the diagnosis. I wish I had advice to offer, but all I have is some sympathy. I hope we can hang out at a crafty meetup sometime soon. I have some fabric I want to get off my hands (being more of a paper girl, of course). If you'd like it, maybe we can meet up for a cup of tea sometime. (It's Amy Butler...)

  2. Hi MJ, I've just discovered your blog, which is great. I'm one of your followers now ! I'm sorry to hear about the MS... I hope you have the necessary support from doctors, friends, bf, family. I'm currently sewing a Gaulish costume for my oldest son. It is such a pleasure to sew and create ! I wish I had more time for that ;) Take care !


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