Halloweening - Tea Towels

Good morning everyone :)

They're painting my office today (well, not technically MY office as we have an open floor workspace but they are painting one of the smaller offices at work) and the smells are awful. So my boss called me and told me to come in later due to the fumes. Yay!! I still have to work from home of course but it does give me just that little bit of extra time to share my newest Halloween creations with you :)

I am slowly starting to decorate my house.I love to call this my 'house' even though it's just a flat in London where you would never hang anything outside on the door or so as it would only be stolen or destroyed. And I dont even have a porch! I have been reading Halloween blogs all evening yesterday (while the bf watched Tron without hearing the sewing machine wirring in the background), and have become new followers of many of them :) I even managed to locate this fantastic Halloween countdown that you can find on the sidebar :) I found a Practical Magic-themed tea party (my favourite movie ever!) but sadly the deadline ended already. But I will go through the post and check out every single linked up party to see the pictures of the events :) There is another tea party in October so technically I could make that, but then who would I invite? Wait, that sounds pathetic... let's put it this way: Halloween wont be until a week after the tea party, and I'm the only one this much into Halloween in my circle of friends. Plus my apartment really isnt meant for huge parties... So I think I will decorate for it, but not technically have the party and therefore avoid crowds, destruction, and drunkenness (the English way after all is to drink as much as possible at all cost) of others. I barely drink so I'm good with the tea ;)

Ok, back to the original idea of this post. Sorry, am rambling ;) So the tea towels. For years the bf has been complaining about our ugly tea towels but as they're the ones that dry best and have been given to me on my 18th (!) birthday, I didnt want to part with them. Of course I did buy some new ones, but the Halloween ones I bought in the US last year ($ store, yay!) have faded quite a bit already. So I decided to pimp them a bit. (Really, there has to be a better word for this!). I cut into my precious Halloween stash, reserved for the infamous Halloween quilt and got cracking. Infamous quilt because it's been in the planning for 3 years now and I still have to start cutting! I think it's the math part of it that's too daunting...

I chose four towels to 'halloween up':

The blue and orange one are the ones I got for my birthday so many years ago, the two other ones I bought over the years. Dont you just love the cows and the mushrooms? LOL I mainly wanted to get something with black in it...

Enter Halloween fabric. :) As I was choosing the fabric, I saw that the orange/yellow one was a bit of a disaster as I was painting my next project last Saturday and I wiped my black paintbrush on the towel, thinking it would come out. Oops... But not to fear, I found a solution :) Ready? Check these out:

This is the fluffy towels with the cows. Look, no more cows! The trim is actually Halloween fabric as there is no way to find Halloween ribbon anywhere around here. I doubled the fabric and sewed it onto the back as well so the cows are forever-no-more.

Remember the blue/green and orange/yellow? My solution to the paint problem was to just demolish the orange/yellow towel :) And here you go! I cut out some pumpkins of the checkered but and some grass out of the striped bit and sewed this on. I didnt add ribbons or anything as these will be used to do dishes and will end up being washed a lot.

This was the towel with the mushrooms. I had about 2 meters of this fabric when I started, but as I've used it in several projects (yet to be posted), I only had a little bit left and I thought it would be the perfect fabric for this towel. Once again, I also sewed this on the back so no more mushrooms!

So what do you think? I know it's not all out there like some of the amazing creations I've seen, but I make this stuffmainly for me and it has to be useable at the same time. I do want to pimp my bath towels also so there might be more shortly ;) I can now have cool Halloween towels for absolutely free! I found some in the shop and they charged £7 for two measly towels! This is much better :)

Must get some work done now, but I hope you like these :) Have a good Thursday everyone!


  1. Have a Tea party by yourself or one friend! make some cute Halloween treats. Take pictures! FUN FUN!
    I may do this Tea party too. Too much fun! Love the Towels :)
    Love your Halloween timer :)
    Big hugs

  2. Love your tea towels MJ! Thanks for stopping by!

  3. I think they turned out very nicely, and free is an excellent price!

  4. You did a wonderful job with these towels. Thanks for inspiring me to get some done also. It's amazing what some Halloween ribbons can do!

    Visiting from The Girl Creative's link party.

  5. Cute! I love how the mushroom one turned out!

    - Megan


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