Steampunk Outfit - ALL Finished!

Well, believe it or not, thats it. You've seen it all... all but not everything together. Which is why I wanted to write this last post to show you the whole outfit in full glory. So I asked the bf to take some pics which he was quite willing to do :)

I also snapped his camera to take most of the shots you have seen in the last few posts as it just takes much better pics w/o flash than mine.

Entire outfit, picture obviously taken with my camera. LOL. You get the idea though right?

Enter bf with camera to save the blog post with some decent photos :)

Taadaa!! This is it :) *pause for dramatic effect*
You cant see all the way to the bottom but most of it is on. I am very pleased with this picture. I look all steampunky! I cant believe that after years of thinking about this, it is finally done! It kindof looks like I wanted which is always nice :) I'm not 100% convinced about the wig here though, the fringe annoys me... But it is very cute with the curls.

The back, here you can see the chains on the back very well especially. Wow, I dont think I have ever been that big from behind! Or at least I hope not hahahaha.

I technically need to make the holster still but let's see. For now, this is it. Steampunk is ready to go. And with two weeks away, I am well on time for a change ;)

So now back to you, what do you think? Please tell me as I havent shown these to anyone yet and I'm dying for some opinions! I hope you like it though, especially since I am just experiencing this major feeling of accomplishment, something like: 'By George, she's done it again!' Hahaha...



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