Steampunk Outfit - Eye Patch Finished!

Yes, another part of the outfit done. It is really slowly coming together :) It has indeed been a busy weekend and I am trying to weave a story of it right now which is rather tricky. After all, most photos have parts ofthe costume you're not supposed to see yet! LOL

Do you remember the eye patch that I was trying to make? Well, I couldnt decide on the strap at all... but as I was shopping after work on Friday evening (needed the new Burda so decided to wander through the stationary section a bit, oh how I miss going to school just for the school supplies!) I found these 'paper fasteners split pins'.

I never thought of these but they were perfect! That way I could make it look like heavy metal stuff but it would just be lightweight and comfy :)

So I took a bit of brown woollen fabric that I had leftover from the bf's Jedi cloak years ago (must really post the pics someday as there is a whole story attached) and just pushed these through and split them open on the inside. I was going to line it with cotton but then it wouldnt have gone through the tiny loop. But this way works as well.

The wig is covering most of it but it still comes through a bit.

Side view, not bad huh? Do you see it coming together yet?

As you can see, am trying to show you as much as I can without showing you the rest. But ok ok, am already typing up the next bit. Oh this is so exciting, I am so happy to be back online!


  1. howdy! my 15yo son has recently become very interested in 'steampunk'. he is wanting to create some stuff like your eyepatch...would you mind giving some details? loved the gun tutorial, he is definitely gung ho to try that one too! living in rural pa, this is not something you see much of and I am clueless...any websites you could recommend? that would be awesome! love the dress btw!


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