Happy New Year!

Hello everyone and Happy New Year!!!

We celebrated quietly with just the two of us. We had some lovely appetiser such as the Martha Stewart Halloween crackers that are so good! Also some blini again and some lovely white wine (Gewuerztraminer, my favourite!). All pics below are taken by the bf, he's so much better with his pics than me!

The bf cooked dinner and I took care of dessert, and then we watched Alice in Wonderland. Not a bad movie, though the best part only lasted about 20 seconds. Can you guess what was the best part for me? It's the bit where the Mad Hatter makes the tiny dress for Alice. So cute! That alone is worth the whole film ;)

And then it was midnight!

Our first picture of the year :) Dont you just love self timer when it works? Check out Big Ben in the background, how is that for timing :) (all thanx to the bf of course)

Then we went outside to watch the fireworks which were nearly invisible due to the fog, but we had our little sparklers. Yes, they're the only thing I dare light as am terrified of fireworks. Guess all those commercials paid off... LOL

This was supposed to be our wonderfully romantic 2011 picture. Then the sparkler died just as the self timer finally went off... woops!

Luckily I had another one so here it is, our lovely romantic picture for 2011 :)
Happy New Year everyone!!! I just spent the afternoon at Hobbycraft and got lots of items on sale, so let the crafting begin! :)


  1. It sounds like a lovely, romantic evening. We stay in too, but staying awake until midnight just wasn't happening.


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