Knit Sweater Makeover 2

Good morning everyone!
I hope you all liked my banana butterscotch muffin recipe :) It's 7.30am and I am sooo tired. I didnt sleep well at all last night,
I kept dreaming about work, how very annoying... I am so hoping to go to bed early tonight. So I'm pre-posting this in the morning so it will show up tonight. Dont you just love post options hihihi.

You might remember me telling you about a girl at work who gave me a pile of clothes that she no longer needed for me to pimp and wear? Well, I finally started on one item at least :) She gave me this gorgeous brown V-neck sweater which was sadly a little too big (she is a size larger than me) and had a stain on the back. But not to fear, I made a cardigan out of it :) I'm not really a cardigany person but the office can be tricky so it is nice to have around. Plus it looks quite officey I guess.

I actually forgot to take a 'before' picture and only remembered to do so after I had already made the cut in the front but nonetheless, here is the somewhat belated 'before' picture:

It's a lovely chocolately brown colour. Very business-like I think. And so comfy too!

This is the stain. Not very easy to see in the photo but it is red and since the sweater is brown that was a problem.

Luckily I still had a lot of ribbon and trimming lying around from all my planned medieval costumes which have yet to be started and so I used one of those. It was wide enough to cover the stain and add a little flair to the cardigan. I also added buttons this time but as I didnt have brown buttons (at least none that were all the same), I used cream ones to match the trim. I also took it in a little for a more fitted look. It doesnt look bad I think although it is very not my style and I have to get used to it. What do you think? This is the finished result all buttoned up:

Maybe it's too granny like? I cant decide... At least it's done though which is good and I'm thinking with the right clothing it can look quite nice still. Thoughts?

Oops it's getting late I must get to work... ttyl everyone! I'm back and have many more things I will be doing this week so watch this space ;)


  1. Wow!! I think you did a great job at saving this sweater! It looks great now. :)


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