Visit to Highgate Cemetary London

During the visit of my friend from Berlin, he had a schedule as usual of things to see and do (I do the same when we visit him hihi) and another item on his list was to visit Highgate Cemetary. Highgate Cemetary is one of the Magnificent Seven cemetaries in London and so far I have seen 4 out of 7. I cant remember if I already had this blog when I last visited one of them though.

This was all in the Halloween spirit so it totally worked. My colleagues thought it was a little weird (but they think I can be weird anyway haha), but there is so much history there! We were just in time for the tour of the western cemetary which could only enter at specific times. Lots of interesting graves there, including the one of that Russian guy who was poisoned a few years back.

We didnt find the entrance right away so we took some pics through the gates here and there as we tried to locate the way in.

Gorgeous scroll stone

Just after the entrance of the western part of the cemetary with the tour.

This tree was on top of the Egyptian Avenue. They said that they had to keep trimming the branches so it wont topple off the roof, so in a way this is a giant Bonsai tree :)

Gorgeous grave stone near the end of the tour.

After the tour we went to the western part of the cemetary. Lots of famous people were buried here but we didnt have a lot of time and my feet were killing me, so we walked around until we found the grave of Karl Marx (hard to miss) and then we slowly made our way back.

This headstone reminded me of the goth walk the day before as that was also about a girl named Fanny ;)

The next day I had to go back to work and my friend left back to Berlin. It was a lovely (although very unproductive and foot-killing) weekend with lots of Halloween themed activities :)


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