Halloweening - Jack-O-Lantern Spectacular - Take 2

Hi everyone!

Oh my it has been a while yet again. I had everything planned out into great detail, prepared posts for when we were away and then of course got stuck with jetlag and a cold. Oh joy... In my last post, I promised to tell you all about our lovely pre-Halloween trip to the US, so tonight after a rather annoying day I decided on pizza and blogging. Yay!

As the bf and I took about 800 pictures, I made a few collages for you to see. I figured it's better than having a ton of photos to load. Of course I'm still doing projects, but somehow I seem to have less time crafting while also having less time working. Bizarre... but am slowly getting disillusioned with the tv so there is hope yet. :)

So, to jump right in, I took the bf on pretty much the same trip that I went on three years ago. Boston-Salem-Providence-Boston. It was a good trip. Since I'd already lots of things there, I could avoid all the crappy restaurants and sights and just focus on the good stuff. How cool is that! :) While in Providence, we went to see the annual Jack-O-Lantern Spectacular. 

I remembered the queues in 2009 and was dreading it. I kind of avoided mentioning the hours and hours of queuing to the bf so was amazed that when we arrived at the gates at 7ish, we could walk right in! There was only one person ahead of us at the till. I think we managed to arrive just after the kids coming out of school but before the people finishing work. So hardly any queues, dry weather, no wind, looking good so far. Of course the people were slow, and usually in the way, but it all worked out and I got some great shots. 

These are some of the best pumpkins that were there. There was a whole LOTR section complete with Hobbit hole, and they also had the Wizard of Oz. It was amazing!

Slowly heading to the grand finale... 

OMG isn't it amazing! I took so many pictures... There were less larger pumpkins than last time but still, the music, the smoke, the ambiance, it was great. I am very pleased we went :)

In the end, the bf wasn't too impressed I am slightly sad to say, but his obsession with Halloween is pretty much non-existent compared to mine so I can't really blame him ;) On the way back to the hotel we got spectacularly lost as the venue has about 10 different exists. Oops! In the end we managed to get back, but let me tell you: I am SO taking a cab next time! ;)


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