Trip to Boston and Salem 2012

Hello again!
I am trying to improve my ways and blog more :) Plus I still have so many pictures saved up of trips and projects and what not so hopefully I can catch up a little bit. The bf is away at the moment, more pizza for me, and I am having plenty of time to blog. Well, all clouds have a silver lining, right?

So, remember our trip to the US? OMG it was so good! Below are two collages giving you a general impression of the things we saw. This was Boston:
We saw Harvard Square, I made the bf stand next to the statue LOL, he so resisted but I made him pose anyway and now whenever we watch the Facebook movie, he can say he was there. Yes, he agrees it is kinda cool :) We also had amazing weather, shown clearly by the blue skies in all the pictures and the one with the very long shadow, hihi. That dessert in the bottom left corner was a banana cream pie and surprisingly it wasn't ordered by me! When it came out and the bf had this look on his face kind of like 'that wasn't me!', I just had to photograph it. We visited the Old State House and the Paul Revere House and basically everything on the Freedom Trail. Even the USS Constitution this time which was amazing.

In Salem, I made the bf do this Halloween photoshoot with me. To be honest, the shoot was as bad as I remembered but we got a couple of nice photos out of it, three of which I've shared here. The Red Sandwich shop is THE best food ever, we went back several times. Salem had the usual Halloween vibe but it seemed smaller than during my first visit. Maybe living there is not as cool as it seemed before. But it is still a lovely trip and we even took the ferry there from Boston which was great fun.

Once we arrived back in Boston, I went to heaven aka Joann's Fabrics :) After some navigational issues, the shop I originally wanted to go to had gone or moved or something and I ended up with no visit to Joann's. But then, the bf had this meeting for work, giving me 3 hours to kill. What better than to try again :) The whole thing took about an hour to plan and then there was the cab time, leaving me with about an hour in the shop and arriving back just in time at the end of the bf's meeting. Let me tell you, next time, I will book an ENTIRE day. An hour was way too small! The queue for the cutting was nearly 20 mins already but everyone was very friendly and helpful. I'm just gutted I didn't buy more. Not that I technically need more, but one can never have too much fabric, right? ;)

This, in very short, was our trip to Boston, Salem, and Providence. I might write another post about the food, but not sure yet as the pictures don't look nearly as good as the real thing to be fair. I really should work on my quilt anyway ;) It's progressing nicely, although I think that 80 blocks might have been a bit ambitious... The centre squares are done and one side of all the borders, now all I have to do is complete the borders and then sew the lot together. I have no idea how to actually quilt the thing in the end, but since I'll probably need another few weeks to finish the blocks, I'll think about that afterwards. 

Until then, take care, to all those who have snow: I hope you're warm enough and have power. To everyone else the same of course. Speak soon!


  1. Wow! You came to my country and I didn't even know. I guess that means I should read your blog more often. Have you ever checked out the Plymouth Village? It in Mass. and is one of those places that is a replica of real life long ago. The people that work there only speak the way they did back in the early days, so if you ask a question or offer a comment that includes words that weren't used back then, they don't know what you are talking about. Very cool! I'm so glad you enjoyed your visit and hope you will come back and check out other great sites here.


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