Hollywood Costumes at the V&A

Hi everyone,
Yet another week has passed and OMG was I ill yet again! So annoying... I haven't been this sick in years... or at least not this often. After about 2 weeks of fluey coughing and sneezing, I finally saw a doctor yesterday. Well, I went to A&E as I couldn't reach my GP (must get a new one soon, really, they can't book appointments for the following day when you call at 9am as they're fully booked, tell you to call back at 7am the next day, and then you get a busy signal for 40 mins!) I gave up and went to the hospital. England and doctors do not go hand in hand... 

BUT it wasn't all bad. Well, the doctor thing was, but last week my friend took me to the Hollywood Costumes exhibition at the V&A :) She is a member and can bring a friend. OMG the exhibition was so good, I am now a member also and can go as often as I want :) Sadly no photography was allowed (which still didnt stop people really which is a shame) but I did take one picture outside with the poster!

Yes they had the ruby slippers! On display outside of the US for the first time ever! I wanted to see those my whole life already and even wanted to fly to DC to see them. Good thing I didnt do that in October instead of Boston as they would have been in London... We had to plan the visit quickly as the slippers have to be back in the US by Thanksgiving and will only be in the V&A until Monday. Since they didn't allow photography, I bought a card with the ruby slippers as a small souvenir. This needs to be framed and displayed on my desk ;) And don't you just love my tshirt?! It says 'are you a good witch' on the front with the ruby slippers, and 'or are you a bad witch' on the back with black&white stripey socks. LOL I got it in Salem and it was perfect to wear on this museum trip. Well, the whole point really was seeing the shoes ;) Do I sound excited? This is nothing yet trust me...

This exhibition has soooo many wonderful costumes! It explains all about how important an outfit is for a particular scene and why certain colours were used. Made me look at the Bourne outfit completely differently. They also have the Dorothy dress and I've been told that it is the first time that both the shoes and the dress are in the same room since 1978! That's very impressive. Would have loved to have taken some pics for reference, but I know what flashes do to fabric so am just going to visit a LOT more times to take it all in.

Other than the Dorothy dress and shoes, they also have all the clothing from Ocean's 11 (or possibly 12), some Addams Family, the pink Moulin Rouge feathery outfit, the robe from The Big Lebowski, the green Scarlett O'Hara dress, you name it. Even the Titanic dress with the big hat. I love that hat! Would be a bit tricky to get into the tube with it though ;) Oh and they have the Meryl Streep dress from Lemony Snikett's Series of Unfortunate Events! I MUST recreate that at some point...

I went back today with the bf to show him all the stuff too. Of course he is not quite as obsessed as I am but he seemed to enjoy it. There were some costumes that he was really impressed with. Guy stuff of course, like The Big Lebowski, Blade Runner, and the coat of Frankenstein's monster with Robert Deniro. 

You can find some pictures on the V&A website, just click HERE.They don't show everything, but you get an idea.If you're in London, this exhibition still continues till 27 January but does tend to sell out on weekends so pre-book. You will not be disappointed :)


  1. Wow, amazing!! I'd love to see this. The exhibition just needs to come the Amsterdam. Not a chance, I know... But just look at the stunning elizabethan dresses.

  2. Hi MJ - just popped over to wish you a very Merry Christmas! Hope you have a wonderfully festive season!


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