Running - Colour Run 2015

Good morning!
I told you I had some fun runs lined up as well? It was time for the Colour Run earlier this month, the first run of June which turned out to have a LOT of runs. 

The weather was perfect again (shock!) and it was actually great fun!

 I was so glad I had changed my tshirt for this event, it was much more comfortable that way and still covered enough not to have too much colour everywhere.

Lining up near the start line, it was really busy! 

 Nearly time to start the run! I was all set in white, ready to be coloured up.

Just passed the pink station, I ran through the middle so I got out relatively unscathed ;) 

Oh it was busy alright! The finish line can be seen in the back there...

The tutu doesn't hold the colour so I'm normally fairly clean when I come out. And this year there were no crazy friends going nuts with the powder LOL

The usual colour bursts were happening at the after party, I hung out for a bit to take some pics and went home afterwards, Time for food after all, this race was late afternoon so I was starving.

I did have a hilarious comment in the tube. I came prepared this year by carrying an empty plastic bag in my running belt, stripping off the top layer of my outfit (I wore 2 layers) and then using that to get rid of any colour on my shoes and face. So when I got into the tube I was really clean and tidy. More runners came in and I heard someone whispering: 'she is so clean!'. It was so funny! It's just good planning really...

June is a busy running month, with some great achievements so far :) More to come soon!


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