Running - Jedi Challenge

Hi everyone!
Who would have thought that I actually had 7 runs to blog about? It sure has been a busy few weeks... With all those runs, the total amount of kilometers I've run in events has increased exponentially, and I was closing in on 100K. With my next running event not scheduled until mid July, I really wanted to hit this amazing milestone before the end of June. So I turned to the net, and lo' and behold, I found some awesome virtual races. Some of them were too expensive for my liking or didn't have a nice medal, until I found the perfect organisation called Virtual Nerd Runs. They have decent prices and are a very friendly bunch. And best of all, they have nerdy medals!! When I saw their Jedi Challenge, I knew I just had to do that one. I signed up, and not even two weeks later, my medal was in the mail.

The Jedi Challenge was basically anything 5K and up, so I needed to run 8.5K to hit my total of 100K :)

Once the medal arrived, I had to complete the run asap of course, you can't just have a medal sitting around, especially a cool one like one from the Jedi Challenge! As I was busy that weekend, it would have to be a run after work. The weather has been improving and as there was no official event so no spectators etc, I had a lovely run along the canal and through Notting Hill suburbia.

The canal is lovely as a route, and now I know mostly which exists lead to which tube stations in case I really have to stop which is always handy. I spent a good 10 mins at the 5K mark taking pics of the medal LOL, I just hope no one was watching!

After I turned away from the canal and into suburbia, I got a little lost. I thought I had chosen the longer route while in fact I found a short cut, oops... I did, however, find this fantastic wall in Notting Hill. Usually these murals are blocked by market stalls, but with an empty road that evening I could see everything. They were amazing!

As I was going through suburbia, I really had to slow down with all the traffic lights etc. Having to stop for directions didn't help either. But it was really nice to have a run where I wasn't going for a PB but was just going for distance. 

This is by far the coolest medal I have EVER gotten :)

I had to run in style of course, so I wear my Darth Vader cookie tshirt on the run. It was a really nice one, and I arrived at yoga very pleased and was able to show the medal off to everyone (yes I am 5 sometimes). 

Right now, 4 days later, my toes are still recovering from running nearly 30K in less than a week. I;m not in pain or anything, just wondering exactly how many black toenails are bad for you ;)

Technically we're way past the 6 month mark as I started my 'Running Through 2015' event in December, but it's still a great feeling to have run 100K so far :) And this is only events where I have received a medal or a tshirt, so this total contains no in-between runs. I'm rather chuffed with myself here :) I am raising money with this event also, so if you like to share in my joy in having accomplished this, please donate to the MS Society by using my Justgiving page

Not to worry, I also have some crafty stuff to post shortly! You can't really run ALL the time, am not Forest Gump ;)


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