Running - Runthrough Brixton 10K

Good morning !

As mentioned yesterday, I did two 10K in 2 days last week. For some of you this might not be a lot but I was a tad worried on how and if I was going to survive this. My original idea was to take it easy on the Saturday and really give it my all on the Sunday. I am so glad it turned out the other way around! 

 Here the weather also held off, it was just windier than the Saturday race.
I'd never been to Brixton and was so worried about being late that I didn't sleep very well and turned up waaaay early. They were still setting up! At least I made it though without getting lost anywhere :) Music was allowed this time, something I took full advantage of, and off went at around 9.30am, three laps of the park, up and down the hills. It's a nice park though and had it been my only run of the weekend, I would have enjoyed it a little more than I did this time as my toes slowly started screaming at me... 

I came in at 1:03:00, I was so pleased! Not bad at all for the 2nd race of the weekend! Yes, I could have been a little faster if it wasn't for the last hill (not a fan of hills when running) but you can't hope for 2 PBs in the same weekend ;)

Obligatory 'thumbs up' picture ;)

The medal was cute, I love that the girl runner is wearing purple trousers :) And did you notice that Saturday's number was 263 and Sunday's number was 326? Good omen? I like to think so!

One more quick selfie and off to yoga for some much needed stretching...

...and for our weekly post-yoga brunch where I ate these wonderful pancakes :) well deserved!

Needless to say I spent the rest of the afternoon on the sofa recovering. I wasn't in too bad a shape, most my feet really. When I tallied the official events so far (that's anything with either a t-shirt or a medal), I got really close to 100K so I just had to get there in style. And I found the best way to do that... more tomorrow!!


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