Cupcake Fleece - Ideas Please!

So during the whole shopping weekend with my sister, we went to one of my favourite stores (yes, I love Primark! I'm not really into brands and they sell nice things for cheap. For US readers, it is similar to Target I think). Anyway, I found these baby sleeping bags with such cute cupcakes on them!! They were only £3 each so I just had to get one (and another one the next day). So now am wondering what to do with them? Obviously I wont be using them for a baby since I dont have one, but I was thinking of maybe turning them into a bathrobe? I've had my current one since 2003 so I could do with a replacement. Each sleeping bag measures 63x25" and has a long zipper on the side, and I have two of them so that's a lot of fabric for only £6! Does anyone have another (and possibly better) idea?

Here is a picture:

Isnt it cute?? Yes, it has pink in it and it ueber-girly but I just had to have it. Again very different from all my Halloween stuff but maybe cupcakes can be for summer :)

Any ideas are welcome!


  1. Well My Dear, from what I can see of your sewing skills from looking at the pirate dress you made I'm sure that whatever you decide to do with this sweet fabric will be a success!
    ~ ~Ahrisha~ ~


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