Lots and Lots of Yoyo Flowers

I LOVE these yoyos! My stacked yoyo hair accessory have quickly become my trademark and I wear them all the time with every outfit. I am actually considering making some and trying to sell them on Etsy or Ebay or so. Of course now that I have shared this great news, someone is bound to swoop in and do the same... Yes, I am a little paranoid like that...

It's nearly midnight and I am still blogging! LOL. But I havent created anything big lately and I feel quite bad about that, especially as the bf is sooo active with his miniatures and really trying to reach his painting deadlines (he has a big game thingy soon) and I'm just surfing instead of working on my costumes that also need to be done.

Last night, for example, I finally worked out how to work the fabric that I had left from the ruffe skirt that I had altered. I still had some ruffles left over and wanted to make a matching flower and as the bf was busy painting, I thought I should do something creative as well. Since this was at around 11pm, I didnt exactly have the time to start making a petticoat or something of the kind. But despite the late hour, the flower looked really nice:

And I could wear it to work today:

All my flowers look a little crooked but that is because of the hair style, it means that one side needs to be squeezed into the nook of the rolls of hair. I really like it, especially the special fabric button (which is part of the massive amount of buttons I got off Freecycle a long time ago), and at work they even noticed that the flower was of the same fabric as the skirt :)

Tonight the bf was painting again so at about 10pm I started tidying my desk which was a disaster. No wonder I am not sewing, I dont have any room to sew! My stuff is EVERYWHERE. There is my desk, and around it are bags with fabrics for planned projects... OMG... I tell you, a few months of only sewing would be sooo good right now. So naturally halfway through I got distracted as I want to wear this skirt tomorrow that I made from a piece of fabric I bought for only 50p and made during the start of my frugal year around Christmas:

Isnt it cute? It's not perfect as it has two layers and one of the sides has actually been sewn together instead of flowing prettily over one another. It was supposed to be something else which totally failed and this was the best I could do. I was also one of my first attempts at 'normal' clothing in a while...

So anyway, I realised I dont have a yoyo hair accessory to match this dress so I dropped everything to make some. I wanted two small ones rather than one big one as I'm slowly running out of big hair clips but have tons of those little ones. Having a stack ofyoyos on hand from my obsession last month, I just had to select a few and grab some buttons and away I went! Not knowing the bf happily shot me doing this in between the big mess...

Yes, this is my area... I tend to work on the floor a lot as there is always something on the table... These are also my Halloween PJ pants that got on sale at Target when I was in Providence around Halloween ($5 only!). It is warm so am not looking very stylish. After some very concentrating sewing (how could I have missed the photo being taken?) I finished two small yoyo flowers to match the skirt:

They both have the small clip you can see on the small version, but the large flower is covering it up. I couldnt find any blue clips but green works also as the skirt also has green in it.

Once finished, I also tidied some more and at the moment this is what my sewing area looks like:

Not yet perfect but better than it was and at least I can access my desk LOL. The sheep skin on the floor is to keep my little feet warm :)

I'll take a pic tomorrow of the yoyo flowers being worn as I usually only wear one big one so I cant wait to see what this looks like! It's well past midnight now so time for me to go to bed...


  1. I like the yoyo hair clips. They are really cute. I love weariing flowers in my hair I think I am going to try my hair at a small one.

  2. Very useful sewing area! I think I have the same table only in a dark brown top. Ikea, right?


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