Sister Weekend and Anniversary

It's been a week... OMG the first week without blogging! LOL But between work, hospital stuff, and trying to get my sister over here, there was just no time...

Yes, my sister visited... for the first time in 10 years!! This is mainly due to the fact that I live too far away to visit usually (she has a family with 3 kids so 'swinging by' is not that easy) as she lives in Germany. So this weekend she was here! Her first time on the plane and everything so she was a little nervous *grin* but she made it ok in the end. Can you believe we didnt actually do anything except shop? I kept to my frugal schedule and only purchased a few things that I couldnt make or were just really good deals. One of which I will ask your opinion on later in a different post btw.

As I have this thing for cupcakes right now (I am normally the total Halloween fan and most of my stuff has cats and pumpkins and witches and stuff on it) my sister got me this super cute mug as a present. Isnt it cute???

We went shopping A LOT, and a lot of it was for toys and stuff so naturally I had to take her to Hamleys, London's biggest toy store. She didnt really find anything but we sure had fun! Check out this guy I spotted outside, he looks really tough and piratey/goth (especially with that beard!) and then he was holding these bubble-maker things. It was so funny!

We also went to platform 9 3/4 but the photos of that are on my sister's camera so I have to wait for those.

Then on Saturday, it was my 5 YEAR ANNIVERSARY with the bf!! I cant believe it, 5 years!!! Of course, a present was difficult to find... I mean, technically we dont need anything... and then I found the perfect gift :) A table! Ok, I know what you must be thinking... who would give someone a table for an anniversary gift, let alone a milestone anniversary like this one? Well, we dont have a dining table. We used to have one but we could never use it as my sewing was always on it. So we decided to each have a desk and no dining table. So I went on Amazon and found this really good folding table that we can just use as needed and would fit perfectly in the kitchen. This is it Gelert Double Roll-Up Table.
I was planning on taking pics as it was in my kitchen but those will come later at some point. For some reason am not really taking any on time right now LOL. It's a double roll up table and takes up minimal space in the kitchen :) We already had breakfast at it in the morning which was nice. Yes, I think it is a nice gift :)

I got a lovely gift also. When I was in San Francisco, I bought this Snuggie Gift House Int Snug Rug Lite Adults, Pink.
The bf HATES this thing and calls it 'the Monster' as it is an awful shade of pink. I have to agree, it is pretty ugly. BUT it was cheap and part of the proceeds when to breast cancer research. Anyway, the bf really really doesnt like it, so while shopping with my sister and him, I spotted the Slanket which is basically the same but much thicker and warmer and better. Plus they had it in the coolest design! So this was my present Walk the Slank Pirate Slanket - The Slanket Adult Size.
Of course I look better in it than the guy ;) but again, am not really photo-ey right now. I also got some wonderful flowers :)

So we had a great weekend with lovely presents :) Better pics will come, I promise!!!

Oh wait, today I also found the blood bath shower gel that I had bought for the bf for his birthday but it never arrived! I was doing some last minute shopping with my sister and there it was! Plus I had a small benefit as the cashier gave me incorrect change and no I didnt say anything (which might not be a nice thing to do but a lot of the time they give it incorrect to my disadvantage). Check it out Blood Bath Shower Gel!
It looks so cool! The actual shower gel is cherry scented and smells really sweet so I guess it will be hanging around as decoration more than anything else but I still love it. Even if it is a bit morbid... ;)

Must dash now, have one more idea-fishing post to write up and then I will have some Dr. Oetker chocolate pudding with snowflakes (which is beaten egg-whites mixed in). Yumm!


  1. Love the cupcake mug, never seen one like it. The snuggie is so fun. I like taking pictures of my sister in it reading a book!


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